Total Krav Maga Home Study Course

Total Krav Maga is a complete home study course which will not only help you master this incredibly effective art, but allow you to earn real rank. From combatives, to self defense, to weapon defenses, and more – you will learn and earn level certifications.

  • 5 DVDs teaching all curriculum from beginner to intermediate (7.5 hours of material)
  • A detailed Home Study Manual which explains requirements, workout plans, and training tips
  • Earn real accredited rank in Krav Maga through our distance training testing program
  • Great program for beginners, or current students looking for a home training course

Beginner Krav Maga: Basic Combatives

Beginner Krav Maga: Basic Combatives

Beginner Krav Maga is the perfect starting point for those wanting to learn this incredibly effective Israeli self defense system. On this first DVD, you will learn:

  • All Level 1-3 Combatives from the syllabus.
  • Intro to Krav Maga – Intro to Krav Maga concepts: taking the fight to the attacker, adding combatives, etc. The basic training stances are covered: neutral stance, fighting stance, and proper footwork.
  • Punches and Fighting – Basic punches (Straight/Hook/Uppercut) are covered along with a useful home practice drill. Subtle punch defenses: bob & weave, and slip. Along with practice drills.
  • Combatives – Foundational combatives: palm strike, hammer fists, front kicks, finger strikes, head butts, thrust knees, clinch positions, preemtive striking, elbows #1-7, and back kicks. Each Technique taught slow motion, angles, full explanation, application, and a home practice drill.

Beginner Krav Maga: Self Defense Techniques

Beginner Krav Maga: Self Defense Techniques

Beginner Krav Maga is the perfect starting point for those wanting to learn this incredibly effective system. On this DVD, you will learn:

  • All Level 1-3 Self Defense Techniques from the syllabus.
  • Punch & Kick Defenses – Intro to the krav self defense mindset – adding combatives after any defense, disengage. 360 blocking, cover & advance, hallowing, defend the clinch, and sprawling. Each includes detailed instruction and a home practice drill.
  • Holds & Chokes – The most common and threatening attacks are reviewed, examined, and taught with precision. Choke defenses, wrist grabs, hair grabs, bear hugs, guillotine choke, and side headlock defenses/escapes. Plus other variations.
  • Ground Defenses – What happens if the fight is taken to the ground? Learn the proper ground defense position, break falls, ground kicks, clearing a grab, and standing from the ground.

Beginner Krav Maga: Weapon Defenses

Beginner Krav Maga: Weapon Defenses

Beginner Krav Maga is the perfect starting point for those wanting to learn this incredibly effective system. On this DVD, you will learn:

  • All Level 1-3 Weapon Defenses from the syllabus.
  • Gun Defenses – Intro to firearm defenses, and basic theory. Defending the most common threats: forehead, front (pushing), from behind, kneeling position, and a one-step disarm. Includes a reality training drill & bonus section.
  • Knife Defenses – Intro and basic principles for dealing with edged weapons. Defending: uppercut stab, knife from front, attack from behind, and overhead stab. With a home training drill and special features.
  • Blunt Weapon Defenses – Common blunt weapon defenses: overhead swing, understanding distance, and baseball bat style attack. Detailed breakdown and home practice drill.

Beginner Krav Maga: Complete Classes for Home Training

Beginner Krav Maga: Complete Classes for Home Training

This DVD includes follow along classes, perfect for your home study training. Now that you know the basics – practice them in unique drills:

  • Includes 4 Complete 30 Minute long Krav Maga Classes
  • Specifically designed for home training students alone or with a partner
  • Each class includes: Warm Up, Self Defense Drills, Stress Drills, & New Inventive Ways of practicing the Krav techniques you already know

The Krav Maga Workout: Total Body Conditioning + Active Flexibility

The Krav Maga Workout: Total Body Conditioning + Active Flexibility

The Krav Maga Workout is like no other. This DVD includes 2 intense, instinct-creating, sweat-pouring workouts.

  • 2 complete 30 minute workouts (one upper body focus, one lower body focus)
  • 2 flexibility routines (8 minutes), great for using after an intense krav maga practice session
  • You will be working out with your Krav Maga techniques, which doubles as practice
  • These workouts are an important part of your total body home study training regimen

The Home Study Manual

The Manual

By purchasing the Total Krav Maga Course, you will receive the manual + be an officially enrolled student. This means that you have the ability to take level certification exams if you would like to. You are not required to take rank exams or take part in our certifications, but this is available to you. An overview of the manual:

  • Explains how our distance training program works. How to learn and use the video training at home, how to log your practice sessions in the online student journal, and testing.
  • The official syllabus. The rank requirements are listed for testing and training purposes. This is a perfect guide-map for your journey from white to black belt.
  • Extra articles, notes, and questions are answered in the manual.

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About the Instructor

Michael South

Michael South is a black belt Krav Maga instructor and has been a student of the martial arts for over ten years. He also holds black belts in Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido. He began teaching martial arts professionally six years ago and is the founder of National Martial Arts, an Oklahoma-based martial arts organization dedicated to making the world a better and safer place. He specializes in Krav Maga instruction and is an avid student of BJJ at the moment, as well as a competitor.

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