Ultimate Bo is a complete curriculum based off the dynamics of freestyle and traditional Bo. Not only will you learn extreme, high powered competition style Bo techniques, combos and forms; but you will also gain an understanding of the traditional roots of the ancient weapon. Ultimate Bo is the only Bo/Staff curriculum style in the world that has a full white to 2nd black belt rank structure.

There is absolutely nothing else like it.

Beginner Bo

Intro to bo (choosing weapon, holds, origins, basic principles), and beginner techniques (strikes, blocks, stances, combos)

2 beginner bo forms (multiple sequences, easy to follow instruction)

Teaches all Yellow and Green Chevron Curriculum

Intermediate Bo

New intermediate bo techniques (fancy spins, competition dynamite, traditional applications)

2 intermediate level forms (excellent instruction, tips, and tricks)

Teaches Blue and Brown Chevron Curriculum

Advanced Bo

Intro to advanced bo (techniques overview, advanced methodologies) new advanced bo techniques, tricks, and extreme combos

2 advanced bo forms (excellent competition training katas)

Teaches Red and 1st Black Chevron Curriculum

Sparring Bo

Black belt techniques (amazing tricks, spins & traditional stylings)

1 unbeatable black belt level bo form, super training tips and more!

Teaches 2nd Black Chevron and Sparring Curriculum

Home-Training Follow Along Classes DVD 1

Includes 2 yellow, 2 green, and 2 blue chevron classes

Just like taking an actual Ultimate Bo class with Sensei Michael

Warm-up, black belt drill, new techniques, and combination practice

Home-Training Follow Along Classes DVD 2

Includes 1 brown, 1 red, and 1 black chevron extended classes

Specifically designed for home study students to use in their solo training

Each class features advanced concepts and unique practice ideas

This is the premier Bo training series...

The Ultimate Bo Home Study Manual

By purchasing the Ultimate Bo Course, you will receive the manual + be an officially enrolled student. This means that you have the ability to take rank exams if you would like to. The manual provides information on the background of the style, the process for taking rank exams, the rank requirements, and also frequently asked questions. Click here to read a sample of the home study manual.

Distance Training is a new way to take your training to the next level! With our Distance Training Programs you have the ability to earn official rank and even instructor certification. We have made it as simple as possible. You get to train whenever and wherever! the courses are self paced- train extra hard and advance quickly, or take your time. Everything is simple and cost effective.

  • Earn official rank up to 2nd black belt
  • Courses are self paced- go as fast or as slow as you like
  • Save $1000s opposed to training at a school
  • Distance Training is the ONLY way in the world to earn a black belt in BO
  • Become officially certified to teach HODGYMA curriculums

Frequently Asked Questions:

How does testing work?

We have a very simple process for testing students, which uses a video rank exam format; with detailed testing standards and an instructor feedback loop. Click on the banner below to learn about the process.


How long do I have to wait between rank advancements?

The first two levels of each of the DT programs have no minimum wait. We believe that those who work hard deserve to advance quickly instead of waiting around for no reason. Likewise you have no limit on how long between; you can take as long as you need before your exam. After the first two levels of rank the minimum wait varies; from a minimum wait of one month and above. This allows us to maintain integrity in the style.

Do you have to pay a fee for each rank exam?

Yes. Rank exams are $60 each for yellow – green chevron, and $70 each for blue – red chevron. First of all, the fee covers the time and energy that your instructor takes out working with you and grading your exam. Your instructor will take out a good chunk of time to study your exam, grade it, make detailed notes, and work back and forth with you in communication. The fee also covers the actual certificate of rank, and the mailing of this certificate and chevron patch to your address. The more advanced levels require more intricate study, review, and time spent on communication.

What region are the DVDs, can I play them internationally?

Our DVDs are region free! You can play them in any DVD player worldwide. We have students in over 40 countries using our programs, in all continents! (except Antarctica)

Why should I choose Distance Training instead of a local martial arts school?

A local facility is always a good choice, but here are some advantages that Distance Training offers:

  • You have the ability to train whenever, wherever
  • The program is self paced - test whenever you are ready
  • The Ultimate Bo Distance Training course is the only way in the world to earn a true black belt rank in the weapon of BO.
  • You will literally save thousands of dollars in tuition and other fees.

What If I Have a Question That Was Not Answered Here?

Visit our Contact to send us a message. Or, if our live chat is online, click to chat, and we will help you out immediately.

How It Works


Sample Lesson

Video Feedback Example

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Hear what our students had to say

"Received as gift, concise and well made, easy to follow. Really enjoying myself learning this. Recommend for any Bo enthusiasts..."


"I bought the course for my son and myself for Christmas. I was pretty excited so I cracked it open a couple weeks before Christmas. I popped the tapes in and started my lessons with a wood curtain rod in my garage. I really enjoy the physical challenge as well as the zen feeling I got when I am working with the staff and your course. I was enjoying the course so much I decided to purchase a few staffs for myself my son and my daughter. I have been a physical education teacher for fourteen years and I quickly realized that your course would be great for my entire family. I am a huge believer that physical fitness is imperative in holistic well being. My initial intention was to learn a few spins with the staff and have some fun with my son. Your course has inspired me in many ways. It has been a catalyst in striving for better overall fitness in my life. I have also decided to go for a black belt rank in the staff and possibly explore other martial arts such as Krav Maga.

I want to thank you for the hard work you put into your courses. It is evident that you have the true heart of a teacher. I would highly recommend your courses to anyone who would like to study martial arts. Thanks for your kind words and inspiration. I am looking forward to my journey to a black belt ranking. "

-Tim Spinosa

"He makes everything so easy, and it is! with the awesome instructions he supplies you. I highly recommend these DVD's and all the others he has to offer. Excellent for the Beginner and advanced. I had also bought the Ultimate Karate 8 DVD set, you need to have these too, You will be amazed how well everything is explained and shown to you, and at a speed you can easily learn too. I had bought others before I found these and I will not shop anywhere else to add to my collection."


"I have purchased several of Michael Hodge's training DVD's and they are excellent. Not only is Michael an accomplished martial artist but he has the heart of a teacher and his instructional skills are excellent."


"I purchased bo staff training videos from your web site and I love them because you actually show how to move the bo, how to step, and you give names to the moves that are being taught. The teaching method of slowing everything down so I can follow step by step makes the bo a very workable weapon for my training. You are a very good instructor because you bring clarity to the lesson and that is important. I also like how you perform the same moves in different positions so I can follow along, this really makes the bo easy to learn. Thanks so much for all that you do sir!"

-Lydia Rambo



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