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Which Martial Art Style Should I Learn?

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Which Martial Arts Style Should I Learn

You have probably been interested in the martial arts most of your life. Maybe Bruce Lee excited you as a child, or even Chuck Norris on TV. It could have been that you have seen real life violence, and that self defense is a real and vital skill for any citizen. Possibly you were in

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All Rank Earned is Recognized by the Association of Martial Artists World Wide!

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I have a very exciting announcement, all of our Black Belt at Home Distance Training martial arts courses are now officially recognized, accredited, and certified through the Association of Martial Artists World Wide. What this means is that, the rank you earn in any of our programs (Complete Shotokan Karate, Total Krav Maga, Ultimate Bo,

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5 Helpful (& VITAL) Resources for a Home Study Student

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So you want to become a home study student…or, maybe you are already training at home? Well, it is not as easy as it seems. I am going to share with you 5 resources that you MUST USE if you are a home study student. After working with my own distance training students for        over

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How Earning a Black Belt is the Ultimate Achievement in Life (regardless of your age)

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The black belt is a highly coveted prize. For some, it means the glory of competing at a high level, for some it means that they have memorized all of their patterns/requirements, for some it means that they get to be an instructor and boss people around, and for the majority of martial artists –

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14 Weird Facts about my New 41 DVD Collection

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I have done it – I have decided to give away the farm. Okay, not really a farm – but everything I have ever created. You can now buy all 41 of my intense, simple, thrashing, fun, easy-to-learn-from instructional DVDs. Everything from Bo Staff, to Nunchakus, to Krav Maga is in there – and this

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How to Be a Successful Home Study Student

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Home Study Student

Congratulations on enrolling into a Distance Training program!! Being a home study student is DIFFERENT than being a physically present student. You must have more self-direction, discipline, organization, and internal motivation. Here are some tips and necessities to being successful: 1. Be Committed to Excellence Let me be clear that my standards for Distance Training

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Michael Hodge is the founder of Ultimate Training with a unique double-sided perspective of martial arts. Michael has been studying the martial arts since age seven and has earned a 3rd degree black belt in sung moo kwan do. He is well-known for his weapons training and instruction, most notably with the Bo. He has taught thousands of classes as an instructor in his own dojo, and his father’s dojo in the last 9 years, and now currently works with his home study students from around the globe. His goal is to help others reach their full potential.