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Want to Learn the Bo Staff? All Beginners Start Here with a Complete Step by Step Tutorial

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Training with a bo is a lot of fun, but takes hard work and diligence – but it is REALLY FUN to train with the bo. No wonder the bo staff is the most widely practiced martial arts weapon in the world. Below are 4 tips that every beginner needs to know to get the most out of their Bo Training:

1.  Choose the Right Bo.

It is very important to choose the correct bo for your training. If you are training for competition, and will be learning freestyle (modern) bo; then I recommend a white wood lotus bo (toothpick) or a graphite bo. These are lightweight options that will make it very simple for you to practice the basics. You can start with a oak, heavy bo – this will be very difficult as a beginner; but will build up a great deal of strength .

Toothpick Bo

Graphite Bo


2.  Set a Goal.

Without a goal, you are destined for failure, or even worse, mediocrity. Are you training to compete at a tournament? Are you training to teach your martial arts students the bo? Are you training just for fun, as a hobby? Write down what you want to achieve.For example: I will earn my yellow chevron in Ultimate Bo by next month. (Ultimate Bo is my full white to black belt program where you can earn rank in Bo).

I will win 1st place in Weapons at the XYZ Tournament next month.

I will learn the first Bo form and be ready to launch the bo class at my martial arts school by February 1st.

3.  Learn Individual Techniques first; not combinations or full forms.

Many bo students purchase training DVDS that teach a full combo, or a form. The material does not actually break down each individual technique. This will hamper your excellence in your technique and training ability – it is important to learn piece by piece. Once you learn all individual techniques; you can then string together amazing combinations and orms.

4.  Make the Bo an Extension of your Body.

No, please do not turn into a mad scientist and get your tool kit out….! What I mean is that your mindset when practicing with you Bo is that it is just an extension of your body, an extended arm. When you do a front strike, figure 8 spin, or sweep; your entire body flows with the Bo, not against it. This will create beautiful flowing combinations and impressive abilities.

5.  Get help.

I know how fun it is to grab your bo (or makeshift bo…..broom stick..anyone?); and swing around like crazy in the backyard acting like you are Mr. Bruce Lee. Yes, I know, this is not his favorite weapon, you get the point… You need quality, easy to use, training materials to get the most out of your experience. I highly recommend this amazing training series called Ultimate Bo. This is also the only training program in the world in which you can earn a true black belt in the weapon of Bo.

6.  ……So Get Started Already!

Check out some great tutorials for basic techniques and combos at: www.youtube.com/ultimatetraining and get your DVDs at www.ultimatetrainingdvds.com


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