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Why You Should NOT Earn a Black Belt at Home!

By Michael Hodge | Wednesday, November 7, 2012 | 2 comments |

No Black Belt

Naturally, I have received comments about how “you can’t earn a black belt at home!!” – “this is fake” – this is “witchcraft” – “you’re a communist” for making this!! (the last 2 were a bit exaggerated…) The point is some people have closed-minds about modern day learning methods and technological advancements that have unlocked new potential. Online courses from recognized academic universities are well received and successful for students, in terms of their understanding. The same can, and does work well for martial arts home study courses. But not for all people – if one of these describes you – then you are not fit for a self-directed training like this; I would instead recommend a group class.

1. You Have a Lack of Motivation/Desire

You know who you are. How many diets have you tried? When was the last time you had a consistent workout regimen? Or maybe a consistent savings/financial plan? If you have trouble keeping yourself in line, whether from lack of motivation or desire to complete something – you will not do well in a self-director martial arts home study course.

2. You Lack Self-Discipline/You’re Lazy

If you would rather watch reality TV at night instead of practicing your martial arts curriculum on your own – you will not do well. You must make sacrifices to be a home study student – less TV, less computer, less frill — and focus on your internal growth.

3. You are Social/You Need to Be Surrounded by People

Some people are very social – to the point that they always need to be connected and with others (There is nothing wrong with this). But rather, you must know thyself, and make a good choice. If you only have fun and feel results around others – this will not work well for you, I recommend looking for a group activity.

4. You Think it Sounds Dumb

Good for you; then don’t do it. Fin.



  1. colin

    3 April 2014 at 03

    Good idea I reckon. There are some people who cannot afford the travel cost and the time back and forth to the dojo, and need to practice at an hour to fit in with their life comittments (work, kids etc).
    Ok,a dojo will produce better results ultimately, but this new technology/approach allows dedicated Karateka who want to train, a structured discipline and course with feedback, where they would be getting none otherwise, or may even not bother training at all. Great idea.

    • Michael Hodge

      3 April 2014 at 03

      I definitely appreciate the comment! Yes, we are constantly working at improving our distance training program. Although in person training is the best way to learn anything, many students are making great progress on their own schedules, and taking advantage of technology to maintain a real feedback loop. Our goal is to help students reach their training goals, even if they are not able to come to the dojo. Thanks for reading.

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