Get Ripped While You Roll. Solo.

Train BJJ at Home.

Get in world-champion shape, while you practice BJJ movements at home in purposeful and fun workouts.

6 Workouts

2 Stretch ROutines

Technique Reference

A Complete Program

​The Ultimate At-Home BJJ Workout Program

You love Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and want to train more than a few times a week at the gym, what can you do? With BJJ Solo, you can do solo workouts with a purpose. These are challenging, fun, and purpose-built to make you a better practitioner. Even if you are a complete beginner, you can start working out with BJJ Solo.

Included in the BJJ Solo Program:

6, 30 Minute Workouts

Choose one of the high-impact workouts and press play. 2 Beginner, 2 Intermediate, and 2 Advanced Workouts.

2 Stretch Routines

Includes a calming, flexibility-building upper body stretch and lower body stretch routine.

Technique Reference & Explanations

If you are curious about why you are doing a certain movement, you can check out the reference videos.

A Complete Program

Get an edge on the mat while working out solo at home. This is a fully guided program from start to finish.

The Word on the Mat:

Dustin Koppel BJJ Coach

"Since giving my BJJ students these solo workouts, they have seen a significant improvement in their endurance and speed on the mat."

Michael Hodge BJJ Student

"Great way to get introduced to BJJ movements, without feeling overwhelmed. From a traditional background, I enjoyed how these workouts taught me grappling skills."

Steve Isenberg BJJ Student

"As an aging martial artist, 59 years, and recovering from a back injury, I was looking to increase my conditioning and do a good full-body workout. Scarfed up a set of the DVDs and after reviewing several workouts knew I found what I was looking for. I was sucking wind when round five began. I won’t be entering any BJJ competitions and looks like I'll be doing the beginner's set for a while, but what a great workout and introduction to grappling and ground fighting.

The Workouts

Beginner Full Body

5 rounds. Warm Up, Upper Body, Core Guard, Legs, & Cardio. A total body workout that implements grappling movements.

Beginner BJJ Movements

5 rounds full of combination movements that engage muscles throughout your body. Including BJJ movements such as: shrimp, rolls, stand & base, and more.

Intermediate Full Body

4 rounds that will strengthen and tone your upper body, core, and lower body, along with integrated cardio. 

Intermediate BJJ Movements

5 rounds taking you through the next level of BJJ movements as you workout: shoot ins, berimbolo, hip movement, and cardio.

Advanced Insane Full Body

3 rounds, with 10 one minute exercises. This insane total body workout incorporates advanced cardio, a lower body burn, and plyo- and isometrics.

Advanced Neck & Chair

This workout begins with a nice warm up and neck strengthening routine. Then, use a chair to work your core, passing, and cardio.

Lower Body Stretch

11 stretches, with a 30 second hold. The perfect way to finish your workout session to increase your flexibility and reduce soreness

Upper Body Stretch

A calming and relaxing stretch routine for your chest, shoulders, back, and arms. Includes 12 stretches.

Technique Reference

There is a full technique reference for each workout. Dustin demonstrates what the techniques are used for in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu combat/competition.

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