Choose Your Student Membership

Choose Your GMAU Student Membership

Ready to enroll as an official student and begin earning real rank at home? The GMAU is the world-leading online martial arts university. Let's choose an option below.

GMAU Full Student Membership

  • Official Student Membership
  • Access to the Entire Course (all video lesson, classes, extras)
  • Interact with other Students on the Discussion Board
  • Website Automatically Logs Your Video Training Progress
  • Contact your Instructor for Extra Help
  • New Material Added Each Month + New Features
  • Ability to Test and Earn Official Rank

as low as $39.95/month (Shotokan Karate & Krav Maga)

$29.95/month (Bo)

Do I have to enroll into the GMAU for Ultimate Chuks and Tai Chi?

Are there any other costs?

How do I enroll additional family members?

Am I required to buy a uniform?