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Hello my name is Nancy,I m for Canada Quebec i m french. I bought the Bojutsu for Gabriel my son who s elite in everything call karate.He do 6 competitions in a year and won 10 prices.I want to go at rytmhe who very fast.But some kids and parents want to slow him down cause of a thing call jalously. I was sad for him to do not have respect like that. So after a year of that He quit those team. Now he s happy again and smile like before.
And I decide to be in his team and My husband too; so he would be motivated enough to be the next bo master in our city. We don t have course like that around. It s perfect I dont want to kumite in competition cause i ve operated in the womb 3 times. But i can take that wonderfull Boujutsu course and do competitions with my family. not invalid but want no heavy contact. I subscribe to Shotokan For Gabriel and i m amaze the non contact moves maybe i will take Shotokan soon hihihi!
But first I want to learn everything with the bo.
Thank you for all Michael and Jon.