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Hi Patrick,

Welcome to the course, we are glad to have you on board! It sounds like a home study program can work for you, as you work from home. I recommend a few things:

-Set an exact schedule for training. Probably 3, 45 minute sessions or so. Be flexible. But, make it a personal commitment to never do less than 2 sessions a week.
-Set a date for the day you want to take your yellow belt test. This will give you a timeline to work towards.
-About a month from now, make a short video of yourself demonstrating the yellow belt techniques, and send it to Sensei Jon for review. This will give you some preliminary review, and make sure you are on the right track, before you ever take the first test.

If you train hard, and constantly look for little ways to improve, you will create your own motivation through results.

Have fun and let us know how we can help out!
Michael Hodge