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Hi Joshua,

Nice to have you with as a Krav Maga, and Shotokan student. It can be hard to maintain a consistent martial arts training routine when you have nomadic lifestyle, and changing instructors and training partners really puts a damper on progress.

At least now, regardless of where you go or what you are doing, you will have the same instructor and same training path. That is great that you have earned two black belts already, so you clearly know what it takes to reach that level of excellence already.

My best advice for high quality krav maga practice and progress is to find a friend to workout with. Even if they are not enrolled with us as a student, just having that actual contact is really necessary for this combat art. You can practice solo with bags, and mirrors, but it is much harder to gain proficiency with some of the hands on techniques.

We look forward to seeing you grow and earn rank with us as you go. Have a great time training!