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Hi Michael,

I would like to welcome you and your wife to the course. I am glad that you were able to find us. It sounds like your previous martial arts training, coupled with your self-discipline in doing an online college program in the past will most definitely help you here.

Having some to train with and go through the ranks with, is also a major bonus. Even better, it will be a unique way for you and your wife to bond, as you are both learning and going through trial and error in the route of progress and improvement.

I know that y’all will do great with us, just stay consistent and always be self-aware. Someone can do 1,000 kicks the exact same way and not get that much benefit. But, if you do 1,000 kicks, and each and every kick find some way to make it a little bit better, that is is the path to mastery. Most people are not willing to work on constant and never ending improvement, and rather think that repetition = progress; so keep that in mind.

Train hard and have fun!