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I actually just received my distance learning DVD’s yesterday and I am truly excited to be a part of this experience. Krav Maga has always been that one Martial Art that I have always wanted to learn. To me it is one of the most rounded Arts around, and is used for so many reasons. The best bodyguards are sent to Israel for training in Krav Maga at a school located in the heart of the country. Also, to me for self-defense it is the strongest Art to use. I have studied in JKD for seven years now, I have some boxing experience, wrestling, Karate and more. I like to learn different methods to adapt to real life situations. I currently teach self-defense to some friends until I can become certified in Krav Maga and open my own gym. My goal is to change our community, and bring awareness of self-defense to those around me. So for me this is an exciting time!