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Hi Ryan,

Good to see that you are working on setting up your own routines and classes. Let me address your questions:

– “inside out” block – This is found in the yellow to green belt level, and is actually “chudan uchi uke.”
– basic 3 – This is taught in the yellow to green belt level, and is actually called “Taikyoku Sandan.”
– 5 one-steps (only 2 in the videos)… or does this mean do the one-steps 5 times? – It just means to practice 5 one-steps. So, you can do one step #1 five times; or you could alternate between 1 and 2 for five times, for example.
– A Kmart exercise – I don’t think this is the common name for this, it is usually called stride punching, or alternating punches with leg switching. It is where you have your left leg in front and right leg back (like a left front stance), and throw a reverse punch, you then hop/switch legs to right front stance left arm reverse punch, you keep hopping/switching back and forth. It is a cardio warm up exercise, kind of like doing jumping jacks.

Hope that helps!