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I started training in Krav back in 2008. Before learning Krav, I only had small stints into CQC, reality self defense, and realistic combatives. Mainly in hapkido and aikido based concepts. I felt that all of my years and training in Tae Kwon Do and Shotokan had taught me great things, but it seemed that I lacked real self defense instincts. Don’t get me wrong, we spar, we fight, we do some self defense kumite in Karate – but it is very traditional, and lacks street cred. I felt really empowered when I started to learn Krav movements, and felt how instinctual and simple they were. Now, I feel more balanced overall. There are some things that kata training teaches you (focus, execution, performance, clarity, body control) that are very different from self defense. Self defense is not confined to a certain set of motions or memorized patterns, which bodes well in real life.

I also feel safer, and knowing that I can take care of my family gives me peace of mind. Also training and practicing Krav is a VERY GOOD workout; very intense like HIIT training. Thanks for letting me share.