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Hi, my bottom lines are;
1. Train every day.
2. Kata every day.
3. Train left and right even if you only demonstrate right for grading.
4. Test the effectiveness of strikes on a bag or hand held shield if training with a partner.
5. Stretch every day.
6. I also use Hojo Undo or ‘Martial arts based weight training’.
I use traditional tools like the Chishi but also Kettlebells, Clubbells and Dumbells.
I have found that this method of training in conjunction with Jon and Michael’s courses is highly enjoyable and productive oaf great improvement.
I have been moving and have had no Dojo for quite a few months and won’t until I set one up here.
I feel that far from loosing out on training time I have been taking time to work on neglected parts of my technique and to be a beginner again after more than 30 years of Martial Arts training.
I feel like an old Yamabushi!
I am sure I will come out of this a better teacher too.