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Jon Hodge

Here is another simple workout scheme for the white belt level. Of course you could modify this scheme for any level. You can modify the reps on any exercise you need more work on and you do need to work both side of your body…

Jumping Jacks 25
Kmarts 25
pushup 10
Situps 20
Front Knee Lift 10
Rear Knee Lift 10
Squates 5
Rear left kick – prone position 10
Side Kick – prone position 10
Fire Hydrants – prone position 10

Jab 10
Reverse 10
Floor Balance 10
Down Block 10
Upper Block 10
Inside out block 10
Mid puch to solor plexus 10
Punch to the Bridge of nose 10
Triple Punch 10
Front Snap Kick 10
Rear leg snap fick 10
Front Leg flip kick 10
Rear leg round house 10

Basic 1
Basic 2
Basic 3

One Steps
5 basic onesteps

Beginnig Techniques
Blocking and Punching