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Hi there,

Thanks so much for asking this question, I know there has been a little confusion around this. At this moment in time, we do not “minimum training hours” and the Online Student Journal for Ultimate Bo students. We are currently only requiring this for the core arts of Krav Maga and Shotokan Karate.

This does not mean we will not add this as a requirement/benefit in the near future. Actually, the journal is not designed to be an annoying little task, or added red tape for students. It allows us as instructors to keep tabs and check up on our students training regimen, frequency, and progress. This created a two-way communication, and stronger student-teacher relationship, like you would find in a dojo. And, of course it creates accountability, and a deeper commitment to consistent practice.

As we move along, we will be looking to improve our entire system. But for now, student journaling is NOT a requirement for Ultimate Bo students, that is why you do not see anything for it.

We still expect students to practice with the bo frequently, and be completely prepared when they submit their rank exam.

I hope that helps, feel free to share your opinions and thoughts on journaling and the student training process as a whole.