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I am slightly embarrassed to say that I have never used action flex brand nunchakus! I do use the action flex sparring bo (in Ultimate Bo Sparring/Kumite), as it is really the only realistic option available for the bo. I have also used the action flex sparring sword. I really like the action flex engineering, which provides excellent rebound/flex which limits injuries while still providing a realistic experience.

In the Ultimate Chuks training videos, I am using the “standard sparring nunchakus”, which are always yellow and black. This type of foam and corded chuk has been popularized by the World Nunchaku Association, based out of the Netherlands. This is a great organization which has really expanded and promoted the sport of nunchaku, especially in regards to competition sparring. These yellow and black foam core nunchakus can be purchased relatively inexpensively, which makes them an ideal first sparring weapon choice. They do not hurt really, and allow you to work with speed and precision.

However, we do not have an “official Ultimate Chuks sparring chuk” at this point in time (Feb. 2015). This may change at some point, but for now, you are really free to use what you think works. It is true though, that your partner will need the same class of nunchakus that you have. It would not be a fair/just sparring match if one is using the large action flex nunchakus and one is using the foam core chuks. I also want to explore more nunchaku kumite with the action flex chuks in due time.

Our sparring section of the course is designed to benefit us in a few ways:

-Understanding how the nunchaku movements can be realistically applied in a combat scenario. Angle of striking, footwork, hand placement, and timing are all taken into account.
-The ability to practice free-form with a sparring partner develops our blocking and reaction based counter-attacks in a fluid dynamic.
-Sparring competitions are really fun.

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