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I agree with Don, and with you Michael. I have trained in several Martial Arts and have a black belt in 2 of them, and currently run a school teaching my current Martial Art. And all of them are great for various reasons.
Krav Maga for me has 2 impacts. First is something new to learn for myself to challenge my brain, body and spirit. To help me stay fit (I’m 42 and it’s harder as you get older eh don?) and give me real useful skills and knowledge over and above what I have from other Martial Arts.
Let’s face it – there is no one Martial Art that is the ultimate. All have their pros, and all (yes all!) have their flaws. There is quite a big difference between doing a traditional Martial Art (with patterns/Kata, specific moves that must be done a certain way every time etc. that teaches you ways to fight, but also discipline and body control) and a Self Defense type Martial Art like Krav Maga that dispenses with all the discipline stuff and focuses on real world applications and straight forward brutal defense.

The second reason I’m doing this is for my students (current and future). I intend to carry this through to Black Belt and gain certification as an instructor so I can officially offer it to others. I already run womens self defense classes based on things I have learnt over the years from doing various Martial Arts – but Krav Maga will add new elements and expand my teachings.

It’s very exciting.