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Dick R.

The question of using a jo staff is of interest to me as well. Unlike michaellee1983, I have multiple bo staffs of various materials, 5.5 to 6 feet in length, with which I train. I also have a jo of 4.5 feet, given to me as a gift. I have considered asking Sensei Michael about possibly using the jo for part of my testing, especially for Form 2. I would prefer to test in my garage, rather than outside on an uneven lawn. With a longer staff inside the garage, I have to be cautious about hitting the overhead door opening mechanism — with a jo, I could be somewhat less cautious, and perhaps demonstrate greater intensity for parts of Form 2. [As the result of a degenerative neurological condition, I have a balance disorder, which affects me more with karate kicking than with weapons.] For Form 2, this affects me with balance on the 270 degree turn. The turn is easier for me on the even garage floor than on uneven ground. (For testing, I could actually try to demonstrate Form 2 both ways, with the understanding that I’m more likely to stumble on the 270 turn outside). My issue is a distinguishable from micallee1983’s, in that he is asking about doing all of his training and testing with a jo. And with caution, I AM able to use a longer bo in the garage, and may do so regardless of how the issue is determined.