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Growing up it was always the same old static stretch before and after practice (football, track, etc.) Once I got into college, we were introduced to the concept of dynamic stretching during our freshman year of track. I really felt a nice benefit from this practice, and my legs felt fresh for most of the workout versus feeling tired before practice after multiple static stretching holds. Since then, I’ve seemed to benefit in my traditional martial arts and mixed martial arts training by combining the two types of stretching. I will usually start with some jump roping or light jogging or martial arts based movements for a few minutes as a warm up, and then utilize dynamic stretching in between training circuits/rounds. As a cool down, I will do some hard core static stretching, try to hit the splits and head to knees hamstring stretches, etc. This seems to have worked well for me, and I’ve seemed to avoid some of the more basic injuries people incur: pulls, tears, cramping up, etc. It seems pretty similar to what Choci has been doing.