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I decided to start Krav Maga because I need to feel that I am able to protect myself. Unfortunately crime is getting pretty bad, my 2 sisters have been mugged as well as my neighbor. I do not live in a bad area, but the crime is just getting really bad everywhere. I honestly do not feel safe, I need to feel like I can protect myself if I need to.

I chose Krav Maga after an internet search. I was looking for a type of martial art that I could use in a time of panic. I know for a fact that other martial arts will be very difficult to use if you are in fight or flight mode, well, I need something I can use effectively when I am in that mode. Krav Maga supposedly is able to be effective after a few short months of training. So I chose it. I am really excited and ready to start the videos. I do know though that I have a really busy life and I will need the support of others to keep me going.