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Why do I train in Krav Maga? I appreciate the flow and movements which are interwoven with our natural instincts to flee and/or defend, attack and survive. It’s easy to learn and it simply makes sense. Krav Maga is not offered anywhere in North Idaho, so to choose this as my method of study was not an easy choice. In the end, KM is the most applicable for my life so here I am.

On a personal level, I believe commitment defines us. Most people dabble in several different things and rarely ever master even one of them. It is my goal to master this and pass on my knowledge to others who possess that same commitment.

On a technical level, as a police officer who is a 120 pound female at 5’6″, it’s also important for me to defend others, my co-workers and myself. I live in a very low-income and depressed area with an increasing amount of violence due mostly to drug and alcohol abuse. More and more citizens are becoming combative toward law enforcement and it’s only a matter of time before, “It gets real.” I would rather not use deadly force upon anyone. Ever. And to have some other options to turn to [enter Krav Maga] maybe I wouldn’t have to.

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