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I have decided to start training in Krav Maga for many of the same reasons above and also a couple of other ones. I haven’t trainined martial arts seriously apart from the stint in my early teens when I wanted to be the next Chuck Norris. I have alway been one one those gentle giant types, I have always trained for rugby and am now a highland games thrower so I am a physically imposing dude. Sometimes this can lead to unwanted attention from people who want to look badass for what ever reason and I thought Krav Maga would enable to handle my self better when these situations arise. How ever the real reason I chose Krav Maga was to enable me to have the confidence to stand up for what I think is right and not to live in fear of the darker more violent side of life. I also wanted to add some cross training into my gym work and cardio fitness and might as well learn to defend myself at the same time e.g I have been punching the punching bag for a while now I might as well learn to hit it properly and I also find the active flexbility stuff very interesting as well. I have just started looking through the manual and the first DVD and think that it looks really awesome.