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James Class

My name is James Class, and I am enrolled in Shotokan Karate. I previously trained in Shaolin Kempo for about a year, after which I had a second daughter and moved abroad for work for 3 years. During the time abroad, I tried other Kempo styles over distance learning but could not progress because of their neutral bow stance (too much pivoting to practice basic techniques). I am much more comfortable with the front stance here and really like the streaming format – good for us travelers. Since i know a slightly different yet related style I appreciate seeing the differences and similarities to get a deeper view of the art. I also really just enjoy having an active kata; it helps distract me from work and keeps my week moving. Per the previous discussion, I think a Black Belt is an admirable goal, if only for the stories I have heard from others that the belt is the point at which you can truly start to understand the art.