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    I have been getting quite a few inquiries from current students about their kids training with them in Total Krav Maga. Let me answer some of the common questions.

    What is the minimum age for Total Krav Maga students?
    We do not currently have a set minimum age. Clearly ages 7 and up are usually more capable to move and understand krav maga training. With proper direction and guidance, practicing and teaching your children through your own learning will equip them at some level. I know of a dad with his 15 yr old son that train right now. Also a mom with a 10 yr old. And a few others families that practice at home together.

    How do I enroll my child into the course?
    First, you must purchase the Total Krav Maga Home Study Course. This includes “one official student enrollment” which would be you – the parent. You can add on family members/friends for $50 each. The $50 fee covers their registration as a student into the association and allows them to take rank exams.

    Will my child earn the same rank certification that I, as an adult, will earn?
    Students ages 14 and above are usually able to properly complete the requirements as an adult would in the rank exams. Children ages 8-14 are taken on a case-by-case basis. We do not currently have a standardized/official “Kids Total Krav Maga” program. Once we have a syllabus for children, we will follow this. In the interim, we are offering a stepping stone rank “junior certification.” This way the younger children can also get feedback and a grading from the master instructor, and even receive a real certificate of completion on each test. As you know, offering a reward system for a child can really help to step up their dedication and motivation to put forth the required effort.

    All of the rank/certification talk aside, what is important, is doing something together as a family. Maybe you’ve heard the phrase, “a family that kicks together sticks together.” This is so true. Practice and learning a martial art together (whether for rank, or just for fun) is a worthy and useful activity!


    Sensei Michael,

    Is this still accurate information? I have an 11 year old daughter who I would like to teach while I learn. Is there a syllabus for the Kids Krav Maga yet?


    Hi Fred,

    Yes, this information is still correct. We don’t yet have a kids krav maga syllabus. We might be launching a complete kids only program late this upcoming year. For now, she could enroll and train with you in Total Krav Maga.

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