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    I have had some students ask questions recently about what constitutes as applicable training for their student journal. These are very good questions to ask, and below I wanted to explain what can and cannot be logged into your journal.

    What is acceptable as “training” that I can log into my journal?

    You can only log training done for your particular course/style. If you are a Krav Maga student, you can only log krav maga training, specifically for your course. Weight training, running, cardio exercises, other martial arts practice, yoga, etc. is not applicable and should not be included in this journal. This journal and the time logged is specifically the amount of time you have spent on the martial art itself.

    What if I attend a local martial arts studio – can I log this into my journal?

    Usually, the answer is no. Only if the local class you are taking is the EXACT same curriculum and belt level. (Just like you would be doing with your home practice sessions). If you are a local TKD student, and are enrolled in the shotokan course, then your local TKD classes should not be included in the journal. You are really going after two different belts in two different styles; they each need time, attention, and energy dedicated to each one. This is actually for your own good, and for the proper development of your styles.

    Can I log exercising, running, weight training, etc. in my journal?

    No, these are awesome ways to stay in shape, and we recommend that you do these. But, they are not included as time toward your “minimum training hours” between each belt level. The minimum training hours are designed for the practice of the art itself.

    Do you I have to log each practice session immediately after I finish?

    This is up to you. Some students log in and journal immediately after. Some use a notepad during the week, and then enter the entire week’s sessions at once. We do ask that you wait no longer than one week to journal your training sessions.

    Can I log the “Cardio Combat” workouts and the “Complete Home Classes” from Total Krav Maga, into my journal?

    Yes, Cardio Combat and the Home Training Classes can be logged. The Home Training Classes are perfect to be logged, as they are already pre-planned by us, and you just follow them at home. We have a lot more of these coming. The Cardio Combat workouts are really krav practice motions, just in a workout format. This makes it relevant, as you are getting shadow repetitions.

    Truthfully, our minimum training hours are very reasonable/realistic, and need to be made of pure training in the styles/movements themselves. Also, as home study students, we need to ask even more from your training regimen, as we do not get the opportunity to train with you in person and review your technique/correct mistakes on a weekly basis.

    Important Reminder: Put the amount of time trained right next to the date for each of your sessions. Example: 2/17/2015 – 1 Hour – Description of your training session.

    Let us know your thoughts on using the student journal, your experience with it, etc.

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    Thanks for clarifying this Michael. I have been including everything up to now but will adapt from here on.


    Great. Yeah, in a perfect world, I would love to review all training/exercise/regimens of my students. But, this would get too confusing, cloudy, and have so many gray areas.

    To be really straightforward, clear, concise, and simple to review – we decided to stick with only the practice related to the course of study itself.


    Am I correct in stating that this is all you want in the journal?

    12/23/2017 – 1.5 Hours – Total Krav Maga DVD 1 Introduction, Stances, and Punches.


    Hi Fred,

    That format would work very well, yes.

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