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    Should we be training each technique in a left and right stance?
    Yes. In the instructional videos, we often just use the power side, which for me is a left fight stance (right handed). In your own training and practice, it is beneficial to balance your body out better, and work both sides. This in its own right can create a better control and equilibrium within your body. Of course, when it really comes to a fight, you will most likely use your power side.

    Another example would be when you say do 5 reps each side for straight punches for the exam – do you want us to just do 5 jads and 5 crosses with the same stance?
    Go ahead and do 5 jab/cross combinations in the left side stance….and then 5 jab/cross combinations in the right side stance. In total that is 20 individual punches. This allows you to work every “possible” straight punch.

    Just one other thing, in the mastery drill for holds and chokes should we be doing combatives after holds because wouldn’t you need to move back in after making space?
    The safest habit to create after escaping any hold or choke, is to immediately follow up with combatives. Even if it is just one strike, possible two. You want to escape, strike/strike, then disengage. There are certain circumstances, such as a wrist grab escape perhaps, where you can escape and run, this can depend on your environment, the proximity of outside help, and the extremity of the situation. But, a general principle of krav is to add counter combatives during or immediately after an escape to render an attacker less capable of more force.


    I agree with you Sir. I train using both sides even though I favor my right side more, especially with kicks. But it’s still best to do both. In the Military we train to shoot on both sides because if we just trained on our dominant side it short changes our defense (or offense depending on what the mission is). This is especially true in urban areas when buildings and walls come into play. Cover and concealment are your best friends in thesr situations. The same concept holds true in martial arts training. For example, if you get pinned against a wall on you dominant side in a Self-defense situation and that’s the only side you ever trained on; now you’re at a loss. But if you train on both sides, it becomes muscle memory and you can easily execute the proper techniques to get you out of the situation and to safety. In Krav Maga there is only one rule, go home safe, period. Training on both sides allows us to do just that.


    Some mastery drills that can be done are practicing being pushed against a wall, either with your back to the wall and facing the wall. Another good one is a side choke defense. Work it using both sides because you never know which way your attacker will come from. Once you master the technique then closeups your eyes and have your training partner attack you. This way you have to react to which side he or she is attacking you and respond accordingly. Another drill I like to use is, again closing my eyes, have my training partner,while holding pads or mitts ( depending on the technique we’re working on) make light contact on my back, shoulder, front etc, and I have to immediately open my eyes and react utilizing the proper technique.

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