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    Are we allowed to visit the studio?


    Yes, we can set up a private training session at the Global Martial Arts University HQ Dojo/Studio, which is located in Scurry, Texas. Our studio was purpose built for our global/distance training students, and (we think) may be the only one of its kind in the world. Rather than being open for public classes and seminars to the local population, we designed the facility, lighting, and acoustics for filming purposes.

    We are about to send an email out to all Black Belt at Home University students soon, as we are inviting students to come and spend the day with us. If you are interested and coming to meet and train with Sensei Michael Hodge and Sensei Jon Hodge, here is what we have in mind:

    -You will get to be in a real filmed Global Martial Arts University class (Bo or Shotokan). You will actually get to do the class with your Sensei, and also represent for the entire student body, which will be a cool experience.
    -After that, we will do a private lesson with you in the dojo, focusing on the area of your choice.
    -We will take you to out to lunch so we can chat and have a good time.

    There will be a limited number of openings and dates for us to meet with students. If you want to schedule a date, send Sensei Michael of Sensei Jon an email! We really do look forward to meeting you.

    Otherwise, we are hosting a public Ultimate Bo/Shotokan Karate Instructor Certification and Student Seminar in May 2016 in the Dallas area, a Krav Maga Certification in OKC in March 2016, and the massive Global Martial Arts Gathering event in October 2016 in OKC.

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    Great thank you Sensei that sounds like a lot of fun.


    This is exciting and I am eager to attend these events.

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