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    How about sharing why you decided to learn Krav? What is you motivation? I’ve found that if you do not know the deep, root level motivation for doing something, it can more easily fall apart. This is why people start diets and quit. This is why people start a Krav class and quit. This is why people don’t stick to things.

    By discussing with our fellow BB@H students, we can all become more aware of why we actually train and work towards Krav mastery.


    I started training in Krav back in 2008. Before learning Krav, I only had small stints into CQC, reality self defense, and realistic combatives. Mainly in hapkido and aikido based concepts. I felt that all of my years and training in Tae Kwon Do and Shotokan had taught me great things, but it seemed that I lacked real self defense instincts. Don’t get me wrong, we spar, we fight, we do some self defense kumite in Karate – but it is very traditional, and lacks street cred. I felt really empowered when I started to learn Krav movements, and felt how instinctual and simple they were. Now, I feel more balanced overall. There are some things that kata training teaches you (focus, execution, performance, clarity, body control) that are very different from self defense. Self defense is not confined to a certain set of motions or memorized patterns, which bodes well in real life.

    I also feel safer, and knowing that I can take care of my family gives me peace of mind. Also training and practicing Krav is a VERY GOOD workout; very intense like HIIT training. Thanks for letting me share.


    I have had an interest in Krav Maga for several years; I’ve just never had the opportunity to learn it. This program makes that possible. Although I have some experience in several different martial arts, I was looking for something that had real-life self defense applications. I also wanted to become involved in a martial art that really stresses physical fitness. At 54, I’m out of shape, and I’m feeling it. I’ve decided that I don’t want to be old, yet. I also want to learn some great self defense techniques. Krav Maga is the solution. After my first week, I am sore, but I feel good about it, and I sleep real good at night. I have quite a collection of belts and sashes, but no black ones. I am committed to this.


    I agree with Don, and with you Michael. I have trained in several Martial Arts and have a black belt in 2 of them, and currently run a school teaching my current Martial Art. And all of them are great for various reasons.
    Krav Maga for me has 2 impacts. First is something new to learn for myself to challenge my brain, body and spirit. To help me stay fit (I’m 42 and it’s harder as you get older eh don?) and give me real useful skills and knowledge over and above what I have from other Martial Arts.
    Let’s face it – there is no one Martial Art that is the ultimate. All have their pros, and all (yes all!) have their flaws. There is quite a big difference between doing a traditional Martial Art (with patterns/Kata, specific moves that must be done a certain way every time etc. that teaches you ways to fight, but also discipline and body control) and a Self Defense type Martial Art like Krav Maga that dispenses with all the discipline stuff and focuses on real world applications and straight forward brutal defense.

    The second reason I’m doing this is for my students (current and future). I intend to carry this through to Black Belt and gain certification as an instructor so I can officially offer it to others. I already run womens self defense classes based on things I have learnt over the years from doing various Martial Arts – but Krav Maga will add new elements and expand my teachings.

    It’s very exciting.


    I like training in Krav Maga because the movements are simple and effective but I also like how skills learned in other martial arts can help complement it. I used to do MMA which I initially started because I wanted to learn how to defend myself but MMA has many limitations as it is designed for sport where as Krav Maga is designed to handle an attacker in almost any situation. The world is becoming a very difficult and hostile place and I can totally relate to what Sensei Michael said about the importance of being able to protect your family as this has become my sole motivation for choosing to study Krav Maga.


    Dangerous and hostile place I meant, not difficult.


    This is about the 5th martial art I’ve tried and I do Krav for about the same reasons all of you do. To stay in shape, try and keep challenging myself, and of course trying a martial art with more of a real application in case the sitaution requires it. To this point, the other martial arts I’ve tried have been more competetive or said it was more practical and reall was not. I also wanted to try a martial art from another part of the world beside from any of the Asian countries. I have never tried a martial art that required this intense of physical attention. The movements are short and to the point which make it all the sweeter to do. since Krav requires partners for training, my group and I feel like we are really learning and benefiting from the new energy demand.


    I totally agree with Sensi Micheal Hodge in learning Krav Maga. I think when you add this to any form of martial art training it can only benefit you in the long run. The real world application is what I find the most attractive part of learnking Krav Maga.


    I have been wanting to train in Krav Maga for a few years now. We do have a Krav Maga school in my area but my work hours don’t allow me to train there. I have been studying martial arts for about 30 years and I want something more reality based instead of traditional. The last system I trained in was Jeet Kune Do, and even though it is a reality based system, it really doesn’t cover areas like weapon defense, if someone gets a hold of you type situations. It is a lot of interception and attacking the attack before it gets to you. I’m looking forward to this course.


    Good evening, I find that Krav Maga is a firm combination of some techniques I am already familiar with and will teach me a lot about new techniques. My focus with Krav Maga is reality combat.


    I train in Krav Maga because of its practical applications for the street. Although other Martial Arts are good and have their benefits, Krav Maga is a combat proven system on the modern battlefield and fits in great with my current occupation (Military). It is easy to learn, easy to retain. It is based on principles of Instinctive Reaction and not really learned reaction. I travel a ways back and forth to my job. I have had several people approach me at gas stations and stores, begging for money or rides. Having trained in Krav Maga for the past 3 years, I have the confidence that if I’m attacked by anyone (either at these stops or on my job) I can handle the situation by either de-escalation or by escalation, which ever the situation calls for. I also find myself being more aware of my surroundings. Krav Maga is not just another Martial Art that requires years to learn complex techniques but simple, practical way to solve problems that arise. Please don’t get me wrong. I’m not knocking other Martial Arts in anyway. They all have something to bring to the table. I’ve trained in a few but I feel Krav Maga is a complete system that fits my needs.

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    I decided to start Krav Maga because I need to feel that I am able to protect myself. Unfortunately crime is getting pretty bad, my 2 sisters have been mugged as well as my neighbor. I do not live in a bad area, but the crime is just getting really bad everywhere. I honestly do not feel safe, I need to feel like I can protect myself if I need to.

    I chose Krav Maga after an internet search. I was looking for a type of martial art that I could use in a time of panic. I know for a fact that other martial arts will be very difficult to use if you are in fight or flight mode, well, I need something I can use effectively when I am in that mode. Krav Maga supposedly is able to be effective after a few short months of training. So I chose it. I am really excited and ready to start the videos. I do know though that I have a really busy life and I will need the support of others to keep me going.


    Great to have you on board as a student, you can definitely count on my support, and that of the other instructors. That is unfortunate that your sisters and neighbor have been mugged. Yes, learning self protection helps to elevate your confidence and put off a non-threatening (yet prepared) energy anywhere that you may be. This tends to come from years of martial arts training, and can often times be more useful than the punches or kicks themselves.


    Why do I train in Krav Maga? I appreciate the flow and movements which are interwoven with our natural instincts to flee and/or defend, attack and survive. It’s easy to learn and it simply makes sense. Krav Maga is not offered anywhere in North Idaho, so to choose this as my method of study was not an easy choice. In the end, KM is the most applicable for my life so here I am.

    On a personal level, I believe commitment defines us. Most people dabble in several different things and rarely ever master even one of them. It is my goal to master this and pass on my knowledge to others who possess that same commitment.

    On a technical level, as a police officer who is a 120 pound female at 5’6″, it’s also important for me to defend others, my co-workers and myself. I live in a very low-income and depressed area with an increasing amount of violence due mostly to drug and alcohol abuse. More and more citizens are becoming combative toward law enforcement and it’s only a matter of time before, “It gets real.” I would rather not use deadly force upon anyone. Ever. And to have some other options to turn to [enter Krav Maga] maybe I wouldn’t have to.

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    I served in the Marine Corps and have studied other martial arts. I never felt like they matched the intensity of what I learned in the Marine Corps, the discipline was great, but I did not feel the movements would be used in a real world scenario. Once I was exposed to Krav Maga, I knew this was exactly what I was looking for. I also feel that second amendment rights are waning away, investing more time in my body places my trust in my physical ability and no one can take that away.

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