How to Use Student Journal

How to Use the Online Student Journal

    1. Login. Please enter your username and password you created. If you do not have one yet, email us and we will tell you how to register.
    2. You should be taken to a page that looks like this: student journal_0
    3. If you are a Karate student, click “Edit This” to make a journal entry. If you are a Krav student, use that journal. Student Journal_1
    4. First, add your name and level to the journal/post title. For example change “Your Shotokan Karate Journal” to “Michael Hodge – Shotokan Karate Journal – White Belt.” This way we know that this is YOUR journal. The level is the current belt/level that you hold. So if you are just starting Krav, you would put “Level 0.”
    5. Now, make a journal entry about your practice session that you had at home. Please use a bullet point list. Enter the date, duration trained, and an overview of what you did. Feel free to include photos, quick videos of you practicing, talk about your progress, challenges, etc. The, click Update.

Example of a Shotokan Karate Journal Entry:

  • 1/21/2015 – 45 minutes – 10 minute shotokan warm up using blocks, punches, and kicks (mainly from a horse stance). Next, 20 minutes of kata practice (Basic 1-3). Did 15 minutes of one steps with my partner, Jon.
  • 1/22/2015 – 20 minutes. Watched and practiced along with the techniques on the White Belt DVD, finished with kicking exercises. I feel like I am starting to get my stance down better, and the soreness is going away. I think I do need to stretch more.

Example of a Krav Maga Journal Entry:

  • Sunday 1/18/15 – 1 hour — One hand overhead stick strike defense, chokes, cover and advance. 15 minutes of hanging bag combatives.
  • Monday 1/19/15 – 1 hour — One hand overhead stick strike defense, 360 blocking, and 15 minutes of partner combatives.
  • Tuesday 1/20/15 – 1 hour — Wrist releases, front hair grab, 360 blocking. My head hurts from all of the hair grabs! But, I am feeling energized after class, and am gad I worked out.
  • Thursday 1/22/15 – 1 hour — (got my tombstone and gloves!) Multiple combatives practice (including front instep kick, elbows, palm strikes, hammer fists all directions, straight punches, and knees,), one-arm choke, 360 blocking, cover and advance.

student journal_2

That is it! After each practice session, in order to log your time with us, login and do a journal entry. Also, don’t forget to visit the Student Forum and see what is happening.

FAQ About Journaling

What is acceptable as “training” that I can log into my journal?

You can only log training done for your particular course/style. If you are a Krav Maga student, you can only log krav maga training, specifically for your course. Weight training, running, cardio exercises, other martial arts practice, yoga, etc. is not applicable and should not be included in this journal. This journal and the time logged is specifically the amount of time you have spent on the martial art itself.

What if I attend a local martial arts studio – can I log this into my journal?

Usually, the answer is no. Only if the local class you are taking is the EXACT same curriculum and belt level. (Just like you would be doing with your home practice sessions). If you are a local TKD student, and are enrolled in the shotokan course, then your local TKD classes should not be included in the journal. You are really going after two different belts in two different styles; they each need time, attention, and energy dedicated to each one. This is actually for your own good, and for the proper development of your styles.

Can I log exercising, running, weight training, etc. in my journal?

No, these are awesome ways to stay in shape, and we recommend that you do these. But, they are not included as time toward your “minimum training hours” between each belt level. The minimum training hours are designed for the practice of the art itself.

Do you I have to log each practice session immediately after I finish?

This is up to you. Some students log in and journal immediately after. Some use a notepad during the week, and then enter the entire week’s sessions at once. We do ask that you wait no longer than one week to journal your training sessions.

Truthfully, our minimum training hours are very reasonable/realistic, and need to be made of pure training in the styles/movements themselves. Also, as home study students, we need to ask even more from your training regimen, as we do not get the opportunity to train with you in person and review your technique/correct mistakes on a weekly basis.

Important Reminder: Put the amount of time trained right next to the date for each of your sessions. Example: 2/17/2015 – 1 Hour  – Description of your training session.