Krav Maga Instructor Certification

krav maga instructor cert bbathome imageOur association offers world-class Krav Maga Instructor Certifications to give our distance training and online students the opportunity to learn to teach Krav Maga effectively. We utilized a unique hybrid approach of training at home via our home study course (online University) + a live training event in which you get feedback, hands on practice, and a rigorous exam that will allow you to become a certified instructor to teach and rank your own students in Krav Maga, while being backed up by our global association and support.

Unlike many other krav maga organizations, we do not have a long-drawn out seminar with the goal of leading your body to collapse, but of course, instill an intense level of endurance, stamina, functional execution, and most important – intelligent and effective teaching skills. Our certification and ranking system is one of the least expensive in the industry, while maintaining and incredibly high level of detail and guidance. This is due to our advanced video and progressive home study training program; which allows you to learn krav maga at home own pace. If you already own a martial arts school, are a current advanced belt or black belt in a different art, or work as a professional martial arts instructor or fitness coach, then we have a great self-paced instructor certification system for you.

PrintHow Does it Work?

  1. You will first need to enroll as an official Krav Maga student in our Global Martial Arts University. This website includes all curriculum for yellow – black belt (Level 1-6), along with a new training class that releases each week, instructor guidance and support, and more. This is going to be your core training tool for learning krav maga. You will need to find a good training partner; maybe a friend, family member, or current student/staff member that wants to work with you. They can also enroll with their own GMAU account, so that they are eligible to earn rank and become a certified instructor.
  2. Start training and learning the material at your own pace. This will get you prepared for the in-person or one-on-one instructor certification program that we offer. You then need to take and pass your Level 1/Yellow Belt exam.
  3. Attend a Level 1 Krav Maga Instructor Certification group event or setup a private certification. This is a 2.5 day small-group event in which you will review, practice, teach, and master the Level 1 krav maga curriculum (yellow belt) along with one of our head instructors. By passing the teaching and practical exam on the last day, you will become a Level 1 Certified Instructor in Krav Maga, through the Global Martial Arts Association. This means that you can now teach and rank students to up to level 1 in your own facility, through the GMAA.


Our Instructor Certification system is one of the least expensive options you will find, but that does not mean we don’t deliver a huge amount of value in your training, certification, and relationship with our association. We charge a one-time fee to attend the certification event. There are no monthly or yearly association dues or licensing fees to teach our curriculum and offer krav maga in your facility. This is perfect for smaller schools, gyms, and newer instructors looking to add a high quality, accredited, and well-backed krav maga program, without a great deal of unnecessary costs.

We do not give you advertising templates, a shiny website, or sales-tools – we just provide you the Krav Maga experience, curriculum, knowledge, and confidence needed to run an effective and successful krav maga program in your town.

The only other cost is to be a student in the Global Martial Arts University Krav Maga program, which allows you to continue ranking with us and getting the newest training week after week; currently, the tuition is $29.95 a month.

Upcoming Events in the USA

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Private Instructor Certification (anytime of the year)

If you cannot attend one of our group events, or would prefer something on your own schedule, with a one-on-one setup, we can offer a 2 day, intensive level 1 krav maga instructor certification. Simply send us a message, to setup a weekend, with whatever is convenient for your schedule or the instructor’s. A private event can be hosted:

  • At Mr. South’s school, National Martial Arts, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
  • At Mr. Koppel’s school, National Martial Arts in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.
  • Or, at your own school/center. You will just need to cover travel expenses.

A private instructor certification is $895 for the first person, and $249 for additional instructor candidates.

International Students

If you do not live in the United States and are not able to travel to attend one of our live certifications, we offer a special one-on-one Instructor Certification program. This involves training with our online University and training videos, video testing, written testing, and other formats in which one of our head instructors will take you through a rigorous certification program so that you may begin teaching krav maga in your own town. You will then fly to the US, to do a private certification, or cover the cost of travel to have one of our head instructors host the certification in your facility.