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 Streaming Video/Digital Edition Now Available for Home Study Courses

streaming_video_bannerAfter receiving many requests, especially from international students, we have released our Black Belt at Home martial arts home study courses in a digital format. The videos can be streamed instantly from any device: iPad, tablets, smartphone, computer, and any other device with an internet connection. We have designed an extremely simple and organized system for accessing and watching your videos. And now….all DVD edition courses now include streaming for free with your purchase!






How Does it Work?

You can purchase either the DVD edition (we will ship the DVDs and manual to your address), or the Digital edition. If you want the digital streaming edition, please follow these very simple steps.

1. On the product that you want to purchase, click the “Buy Now – Digital Edition” button. All you have to do is enter your email address, name, and credit card. We accept payments from anywhere in the world.

ipad_step1_checkout2. After purchasing, you can choose any video and start training! The streaming video is HD quality and can be watched on any device.

ipad_step2_choosevideo3. To access your videos as you please, you can create a simple password with Gumroad (our streaming video partner). Or, you can just click on the product you purchased in your initial email that you received.


Common Questions About Streaming Video Digital Edition

Do you accept international payments/credit cards?

Yes, our payment processor accepts payments from anywhere in the world. Streaming video is perfect for international students, as there is no shipping cost, long wait, or customs fees due upon receiving a package.

Do you I have to download an app or install a software program?

Not at all! You do not have to install anything to your computer or to any device. But, a “Gumroad” app is available for android and iPad/iPhone, which makes access even easier and smother. You can watch in the browser, or use the app.

Do I need to purchase it from my iPad, if I want to view my videos on an iPad?

You can actually purchase the streaming edition on a computer, tablet, or phone. You will then receive an email which allows you to access the videos from any device. So, it does not matter where you originally bought it.

Can I purchase the DVD edition and the streaming edition together?

Yes. When you purchase the DVD edition of any course, you will automatically get the streaming edition for free. You can access the streaming version immediately after your purchase, while you wait for your DVDs to arrive.

Can I download the videos?

Yes, you get the option to stream your videos, or download them for offline viewing.

I have purchased your programs in DVD edition course in the past, can I get the new streaming edition at a discount?

Yes, we can offer you a discount if you have previously purchased the complete home study course in the DVD edition. Contact us to get your streaming edition program at a discount.