How to Test


Step 1

Learn and train along with the DVDs and manual. Focus on the first level of your program, whether that be the white belt level (testing for yellow belt), the yellow chevron level, or level 1 in your program. After each home class/practice session, you need to document these sessions in your Online Student Journal – this is a requirement for Krav and Karate students. Simply login to the student area, edit your journal by including the date of your practice session, how long you practiced, and an overview of what you worked on. This allows you to keep track of how many hours you have trained in preparation for taking a rank exam. Your instructors can also check on your journal at any time to review and assist your progress. The journal is not required for Tai Chi, Bo, and Chuks students.

Some recommended articles for First Time Testers:


Step 2

Once you feel confident in your understanding of that rank level, and have completed the minimum training hours – it is time to film your rank exam video. Taking a video test requires the same level of intensity, presence, effort, and precision as an in-person exam. We uphold the same (if not higher) standards for our distance training students as the students who train in the dojo. Here is how to film and upload your video:

  1. Setup your camera or phone to film you. Try to find a location with good lighting; indoors or outdoors can work.
  2. Verbally state your name, style, and what rank you are testing for. You can also add text to your video for an easier viewing.
  3. Demonstrate all techniques in the rank requirements section two times on each side. Demonstrate to your left 45 degree corner, and then right side; rather than straight on to the camera.
  4. Demonstrate any self defense or one step movements two times with a partner. If a partner is unavailable, you can use a hanging bag or shadow work. NOTE: A partner is a requirement for all Krav Maga exams, as well as blue belt and above Shotokan exams.
  5. Upload your video or videos. You can submit one video for each portion of your exam; or a combined video – either way will work for us. We recommend uploading to YouTube making the video “unlisted.” Alternatively, you can upload to Vimeo and create a private video, and send us the password. Finally, if you would prefer, you can mail us a CD.

A Few Rank Exam Videos (actual Black Belt at Home students)

Step 3

Pay the rank exam fee. This fee covers: your instructor’s time and energy in watching your rank exam video, doing a full grading, email communication/support, a personal feedback video filmed by your instructor with tips/constructive comments/guidance/demonstrations, and the mailing of the authentic certificate of rank.

Current Testing Fees (for all students)

  • Shotokan Karate – Yellow – Blue Belt: $60. Blue Stripe – Red Belt: $80.
  • Total Krav Maga – Level 1 – 3: $70. Level 4 – 6: $90.
  • Ultimate Bo and Ultimate Chuks – Yellow, Green Chevron: $60. Blue – Red Chevron: $70.
  • Complete Tai Chi – Level 1, 2: $50. Level 3, 4: 70.

Step 4

Now that you have paid the rank exam, simply fill out this form to send us your video. If you added the $15 for a karate belt, please mention this and your belt size below. If you are sending us more than one video URL, list all additional links in the “comments” section. We look forward to reviewing your exam.

    Your Name

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    Your Program

    Video URL

    Additional Comments



    Step 5

    Upon receiving your submission, please allow 1-2 weeks for grading. Your instructor will send you a courtesy email letting you know that the test was received. Your instructor will watch, review, grade, and film a personal feedback video with tips/constructive comments/guidance/demonstrations in regards to your exam. Upon completing the grading, your instructor will email you your test results and a link to view the video feedback. Your official certification of rank will then be mailed to your address.