Ultimate Bo

Ultimate Bo

The one and only officially recognized white to black bo training style. Ultimate Bo is rooted from Okinawan Kobudo movements, but with a modernized, freestyle styling. In the freestyle bo portion of the course, you will learn bo techniques (sweeps, thrusts, spins, stances, combos) and forms/katas. In the sparring bo portion, you will practice a small assortment of combat bo strikes, blocks, and sparring theory. Ultimate Bo uses a unique “chevron” ranking system, which allows you to wear your UB rank as chevron patches on the sleeve of your gi, while wearing to belt rank of your core martial art (such as karate). Ultimate Bo training also builds a student’s cardiovascular system, arm strength, coordination, and weapons extension understanding.

  • Learn and master this ancient Japanese weapon at home, with the world-leading bo staff home study course.
  • Includes a complete white to black belt level course of study, teaching: strikes, blocks, stances, grips, combat positions, defenses, sparring, katas, and more.
  • Get a new 30 minute complete bo follow-along class every two weeks!
  • Earn real rank in this style of bojutsu through video testing, and instructor feedback from Sensei Michael Hodge.
  • More than 1,000 students have trained in Ultimate Bo since launching the online course in 2008.

Sample Lesson

The Curriculum

Your Ultimate Bo student membership includes the entire white to black chevron video curriculum. Ultimate Bo uses a special ranking system, the chevron patch, which you place on the sleeve of your gi. This allows you to wear your belt from a traditional style (if you have one), and show your UB rank.

  • Introduction to Ultimate Bo: History of Ultimate Bo, The Training Sections, Selecting a Bo, Size of Bo
  • Traditional Techniques: Grips, Stances, Overhead Front Strike, 4 Points, Basic Thrusts, Uppercut, Overhead Strikes, Blocks
  • Bo Kata 1: Full Speed, Section-by-section instruction, front follow along, back follow along
  • Combat: Fighting Grips, Stances and Positions
  • Traditional Techniques: Sweep, Bo Back Fist, Down Thrust, Baseball Bat, Double Figure 8, Double-Double
  • Bo Kata 2: Full Speed, Section-by-section instruction, front follow along, back follow along
  • Combat: Striking Angles #1-8, High Block, Low Block, Side Block
  • Traditional Techniques: Sweep Overhead Front Strike, Reverse Uppercut, Reverse Sweep Uppercut, 3 Points, 6 Point Combo, Spinning Overhead Strikes
  • Bo Kata 3: Full Speed, Section-by-section instruction, front follow along, back follow along
  • Combat: Speed Strikes, Body Targets, Parrying
  • Traditional Techniques: Sweep, Batting Stance, Reverse Poke
  • Bo Kata 4: Full Speed, Section-by-section instruction, front follow along, back follow along
  • Combat: Thrusts, Back Strikes, Inside-Out Block, Fiore’s Block
  • Traditional Techniques: One Arm Curl, Advancing Poke, Skip Overhead Front Strike
  • Bo Kata 5: Full Speed, Section-by-section instruction, front follow along, back follow along
  • Combat: Long Hold Strikes, Reverse Hold Strikes, Combat Point Sparring
  • Traditional Techniques: Forearm Roll, Wushu Poke, One Handed Figure 8 Strike, 360 Overhead Around Back
  • Bo Kata 6: Full Speed, Section-by-section instruction, front follow along, back follow along
  • Combat: Sparring Methods (Aspects of Time, Distance, Position), Bo vs. Other Weapons


Our full length classes make it just like coming to Sensei Michael’s dojo and learning in person. Each class includes a warm up, technique lessons, unique drills, conditioning, and a cool down. Simply press play and follow along from start to finish. Great to do alone, with a partner, or a small group.

The classes keep you consistent, motivated, and always progressing toward the goal of black chevron.

You will receive a fresh new class every two weeks!

Instructor Support

As an enrolled Ultimate Bo student, you get real support and guidance directly from the head instructor, Sensei Michael Hodge.

You can message your instructor when you have questions about techniques, training, or if you just need some guidance. You can also ask a question directly on any lesson or class page to get a response.

You can log all training sessions in your Student Journal for the instructor to see, review, and comment on. This allows you to be held accountable. You can also upload a video of yourself for review.

When you submit a rank exam, Sensei Michael will do a complete grading of the exam, and film his own personal feedback video for you, with tips, corrections, and useful feedback.

About Instructor

ash bo ready stance outdoors_700

Michael Hodge

Michael Hodge is the founder of Ultimate Training and also the weapons style Ultimate Bo. Michael has been studying the martial arts since age seven and has earned a 3rd degree black belt in shotokan karate and song moo kwan. He is well-known for his weapons training and instruction, most notably with the Bo. He has taught thousands of classes as an instructor in his own dojo, and his father’s dojo in the last 10 years, and now currently works with his home study students from around the globe. His goal is to help others reach their full potential.

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GMAU Ultimate Bo Student Membership

  • Complete White – Black Chevron Curriculum Videos
  • All HD videos filmed in our new studio
  • Fresh Training Material Added Monthly
  • Official Student Enrollment
  • Anytime Instructor Support
  • Rank Testing
  • Certified Instructor Testing
  • Course Updates + New Material

Student Membership
Free Demo Account then $19.95/month

Ultimate Bo Home Study Course

  • Complete White – Black Chevron Curriculum Videos
  • 6 Home Training Classes
  • 13.5+ Hours of HD Instructional Videos
  • Home Study Manual (.pdf)
  • (Optional) Enroll as an Official Student for $59

Streaming Edition - $99

DVD + Streaming Edition - $129

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 15 reviews
An Excellent Investment

I purchased the Ultimate Bo Black Belt at Home DVD set not long ago, and I have found it to be absolutely fantastic! Sensei Michael is a warm and effective teacher and I would recommend this course to anyone interested in the weapon who (like myself) is nowhere near a registered bojitsu centre! 🙂

Ultimate Bo

The moment I have stepped into Sensei Michael Hodges virtual Dojo, I felt right at home.Even though I am in Malaysia and he is in USA, seems like there is no distance between us.His instructions are clear and easy to follow and his responses thru email are very quick.I am currently signed on for the Ultimate Bo Jutsu training along with the Ultimate Nanchucks program. After achieving my black belt status on these programs, I plan to follow thru with the Tai Chi program.I am quite impressed with the high quality of video and audio that goes with the recordings. Sensei Hodges demonstrates all the positions in a clear and concise manner and thru various positions, front, side and back views. I can easily follow allow and repeat the same movements.There is absolutely no difference, in my view, between GMAU online training and Dojo training.I currently hold a Black Belt in Ninjutsu.I enjoy furthering my training, and since I am a Work at Home Dad, I have time on my hands that allows me the flexibility to train daily. I can progress faster thru the ranks as compared to the once a week training schedules of the Dojo.I am grateful to Sensei Hodges and the Global Martial Arts University for providing this service that I may further my training.Thank you so much,regardsMuhammad Ali

Bo in retrospect

I am presently preparing to send in my testing for black chevron.I started in the old school training and have found that GMAU the training is better due to a more in-depth explanation of the material to learn. The feed back for the chevron you are working on is better than before due to the in-depth feed back that is given. For a study at home the is probably the best on out there.

Great supplement to TKD

I've been doing the Ultimate Bo training for over a year now. I take Tae Kwon Do locally but there is no weapons training. I use these classes to supplement what I learn at TKD, The classes that Sensei Michael teaches are great and keep you moving the entire time. I do the classes at my own pace when I have time. He is thorough in his explanation of each technique and reinforces what you are learning with drills. I've asked questions by video and he is prompt to respond and pays attention to detail. I recommend these classes to anyone interested in learning the Bo,

An Excellent Course

I did karate, but due to distractions dropped it 35 years ago. I recently decided to get back into martial arts because I like the feelings it gives me - physical skills and coordination, full-body movement, and the awareness of the 'warrior mind'.I am enrolled in the online bo subscription, the DVDs are similar except don't have all the classes. The videos are more informal than the karate classes I took, which actually works out pretty well. I agree with the other reviewers that the videos are well done, instruction pace is excellent, and Mr. Hodge brings a level of enthusiasm that isn't the rah-rah of an exercise video.Online training appeals to me since it would be very difficult for me to consistently attend classes. Regardless of a person's age, condition, or previous experience, I haven't come across any video training series that is better than the instruction given in Ultimate Bo.


After falling in love with the Bo, I searched all over the internet for any lessons or knowledge I could obtain. I can confidently say that this is the best program out there, second to none. Sensei Hodge is extremely knowledgeable and his instructions are clear and thorough. The videography is flawless; I have yet to find a technique not filmed at multiple angles! The amount of material you receive makes the price seem almost too low! Overall I am extremely pleased with this program...my only regret is not getting it sooner!

by Lucy DPT, FAFS, LMT on Ultimate Bo Home Study Course
Bo fun and mastery at my own pace!

As a physical therapist and perpetual student of human movement, I am always interested in fun ways to help people improve their everyday function as well as athletic performance with effective rehab and training. I have found that integrated whole body movements that take advantage of gravity, ground reaction forces, mass and momentum with more authentic proprioceptor stimulation than usually offered by conventional physical therapy produce faster and better outcomes than exercises that isolate single joints and single planes of motion.I discovered the bo staff when I happened to see a brief demonstration in an old martial arts movie and was immediately captivated. When I found GMAU, I was excited about the opportunity to have instruction in developing a solid foundation of skills without any assumption of prior experience with martial arts. The monthly cost is quite minimal considering there is no limit to the amount of time students can spend reviewing streaming instructional videos and new classes are constantly being added, as well as the biggest benefit of being enrolled as a student, personalized attention and interaction with Sensei Michael Hodge. My schedule can be quite variable, so having GMAU and Michael available at my convenience has been a huge plus.From my viewpoint as a movement specialist learning the bo techniques for the first time, Michael’s instruction and the details shown in the videos are outstanding. He is familiar with common errors and explains how to avoid them. It has been very helpful to see his responses to questions from other students. Michael is quick to respond to questions, patient, and goes above and beyond to help students progress and feel confident in mastering the finer points. I like being able to replay and pause the videos to ensure that I understand what is being taught before moving on.The DVDs are a great backup in case of Internet glitches or unavailability, especially outdoors where I don’t have to worry about potential casualties such as furniture or pets. I am finding it important to practice by reviewing the video lessons several times to incorporate all the aspects required for precision in the movements, so it is nice to be able to take Sensei Michael with me wherever I go. 🙂

Best Bo course ever

This course is exactly what I have been looking for. I don't have a bo yet but will get one very soon.. The videos are laid out superbly and have learned so much already. I can't wait to get started on this.

by Steve Crisenberry on Ultimate Bo Home Study Course
New Ultimate Bo

Clearly these are the best dvds I have ever seen over 30 years of watching MA training videos. They are professionally filmed, with detail, slow speed and from different angles for effective and effecient learning. Michael Hodge is articulate, knowledgeable, smart and a true bo master. He has trully paid the price for our benefit. The price is very conservative for what you get. I have finally found a system for bo training that will allow me to accomplish my goals at 64. I will only use this system for my bo training. My opinion is the new ultimate bo system by Michael is better than private training because: professional, detail, angles, articulate training from a true bo master and finally you can watch them over and over to master technique. Thank you Michael

by Steven Atkins on Ultimate Bo Home Study Course
New Ultimate Bo

I have to say the new Bo course is way better then the old one, even though it is still good. The new Bo course has information on there that the old one didn't have, like information on what type of Bo to use and more. The Katas, look easier to learn, I personally had a hard time with the old one on the katas, I also like that it is broken down into sections, which make it easier to learn. Plus the new Bo course has a follow along class and a combat Bo section as well. Good job Sensei Michael Hodge.

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