Master Shotokan Karate from Home - Regardless of Your Schedule or Experience Level.

Complete White to Black Belt Home Study Course

Are you tired of saying that someday you'll start training again? Now is the time.

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    YOU WILL BE GUIDED FROM WHITE TO BLACK BELT. EVERYTHING IS INCLUDED. This might be the most comprehensive shotokan karate course ever created. Every single basic technique (kihon), self defense movement (kumite), and form (kata) is instructed. There are also follow-along classes and drills for extra practice.
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    SHOTOKAN IS A TOTAL BODY WORKOUT, FOR ALL FITNESS LEVELS. Unlike running on the treadmill (which doesn't work enough muscle groups), or doing a crossfit class (which could be too intense), a shotokan karate workout will engage your core, upper, and lower body in harmony. Training is invigorating while still safe for your joints.
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    YOU HAVE THE ABILITY TO EARN REAL RANK AND FINALLY REACH BLACK BELT. Want to take your training to the next level? You have the option to enroll* as an official student to take tests, get instructor support, and earn accredited rank at your own pace.                                                                                                                                                                                                           *Live instruction, testing and grading requires an active subscription to Global Martial Arts University (https://GlobalMartialArts.University) 
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    BE CONFIDENT ON THE STREETS AND LIVE STRESS FREE. Karate self defense techniques are life-saving fighting movements, when practiced corrected. Our students mention how they notice less stress and a more centered life when they consistently train.

What You Get in the Course

Invigorate Your Body with Shotokan Training


You will learn about the style, how to use the course, about Japanese terms, and how to succeed.

Basic Techniques (Kihon)

Stances, Punches, Strikes, Blocks, and Kicks are all instructed (with correct Japanese terminology), and drills.

Self Defense (Kumite)

You will learn Ippon, Sanbon, Gohon, Kaeshi, Jiyu Ippon, and Jiyu Kumite. Which are all different fighting forms.

Forms (Kata)

All kata(s) from white to black are instructed, just as Funakoshi taught them (the founder of shotokan).

Complete Classes

Each belt level includes a 30 minute class. This is just like attending a real class at Sensei Jon's dojo.

Practice Drills

After a detailed instruction of each technique, there is an included practice drill to get more repetition. 

About the Instructor

Jon Hodge currently holds the rank of 6th dan black belt in shotokan karate-do. He has taught martial arts for nearly 20 years. Over the years Jon has studied many different forms of martial arts and is also a Master Chi Kung and Tai Chi instructor. He is the Master Instructor (Shihan) of the Global Martial Arts University Shotokan Karate course. When not training or teaching, you can find Jon traversing state or national parks on his motorcycle or RV.

“Learn to live in the moment, not in the past or the future..."

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Real Shotokan Student Reviews


“Sensei Jon and Sensei Michael have put together an efficient and fun Shotokan Karate curriculum that is sure to help Martial Arts students increase in skill and knowledge. The online format is comparable to many online colleges and universities. It is easy to navigate and very detailed. Sensei Jon does an excellent job speaking to the beginner and the Black Belt. He breaks it down in an easy, enjoyable practice. Don’t get me wrong, the curriculum is not easy and it does take hard work, time, and energy. But…that is because it’s the real deal. Students can earn accredited rank and an increased skill base regardless of their prior knowledge."

Paston Shaun Whitt (Grayson, Kentucky, USA)


“The course is well-structured and follows more or less the Karate curriculum used here in Switzerland. Lesson videos are clear and of good quality. Sensei Jon puts a lot of emphasis on clearing the mind, breathing, correct stances and hip rotation. Some techniques differ from the traditional Japanese form my kids learn. In these cases Sensei Jon lets me choose which variant I want to demonstrate in the grading video.”

Jonas Bieri (Bennwil, Basel-Landschaft, Switzerland)


“Global Martial Arts University's Shotokan Karate course has been nothing but a positive experience in all aspects of the program since I began. First, the program is incredibly accessible. I am in my 30's, have a child and work full time. I have always wanted to study Karate but have never had enough time to do so. GMAU's program makes learning accessible to when you can fit it in your schedule. For me, the most convenient time is in the evenings after I put the kid to bed. Also, it takes as much time as you want it to take. Classes range from 30-40 minutes and provide a full body workout while practicing technique. If I do not feel I have the energy for a full class I can either participate in the lessons, which are shorter, or I can practice at my own pace and record the time in my journal.”

Wes Robertson (Roanake, Virginia, USA)

Is This Course For You?

A home study martial arts course is not always the best option, consider these factors:


  • You have a busy schedule, and cannot commit to local classes.
  • You have some previous martial arts experience, even if in a different style.
  • You are self-motivated and have good self-discipline.
  • You have a 1-2 hours a week you can set aside for training.


  • You learn best with a live teach and social group class.
  • You need to be constantly motivated and reminded why you need to be training, exercising, eating right.
  • You want to earn a black belt just so that you can tell others about it and put it on your wall.
  • If you struggle with learning from a video.
More Than 1,000 Happy Students

We back up the Traditional Shotokan Karate Home Study Course with a 30 day money back guarantee. If you don't see the results you were expecting, or are just not happy, we will give you a full refund. We have been creating home study courses since 2008, and have received less than ten returns to this point. We know you'll love the training!

Bonus Items Included With Your Course

Not only will you get the videos, but some extra bonuses with your course.

The Training Syllabus

This is the official Global Martial Arts University Shotokan Karate syllabus. It includes the exact curriculum for each belt level throughout the course. It is an excellent training reference that you can read on your device or print out. It comes in a convenient .pdf format.


Streaming + Downloadable

The course includes a convenient streaming and downloadable edition. You will get instant access to all videos which you can stream on any device, or download them for offline viewing.

Start Training! Choose Your Course Package

Start with just the first few belt levels, or get the entire course.

Traditional Shotokan Karate Vol. 1

(White - Orange Belt)

Digital Edition: $199

Traditional Shotokan Karate Vol. 2

(Green - Brown Belt)

Digital Edition: $199

Traditional Shotokan Karate Vol. 3

(2nd Kyu Brown - Black)

Digital Edition: $199

The Complete Course - Best Value

(White - Black Belt)

  • 20+ Hours of HD Instruction
  • White - Black Belt Full Video Syllabus
  • Training Syllabus (.pdf)
  • A Full Class at Each Belt Level
  • Save Big with This Complete Package

Digital Edition: $479


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

How do I enroll as an official student to earn rank?

How do I access the digital edition?

What is the difference between this course and the Global Martial Arts University Shotokan course?

Do I need a partner to train in shotokan?

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