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How do I Transfer My Previous Rank and Experience into Complete Shotokan Karate?

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The most asked question I receive is, “Will you recognize my previous rank and experience in Complete Shotokan?” I can’t imagine telling someone that the knowledge they have worked so hard to learn is not usable. To me your previous experience is a plus and is a dynamic asset that will assist us in your

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All Rank Earned is Recognized by the Association of Martial Artists World Wide!

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I have a very exciting announcement, all of our Black Belt at Home Distance Training martial arts courses are now officially recognized, accredited, and certified through the Association of Martial Artists World Wide. What this means is that, the rank you earn in any of our programs (Complete Shotokan Karate, Total Krav Maga, Ultimate Bo,

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Training While Traveling: A Guide for Martial Artists on the Road

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Travel a lot for work? Going on a vacation soon? You’ve probably found it tough to continue proper martial arts training, exercise, and healthy nutrition while on the road. This is because you are out of your regular schedule….you probably say “I’ll be fine not working out this week”, or “ah, I’ll do my katas

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Advice on Home Study Training with Complete Shotokan Karate


Introduction Home Study Training in Complete Shotokan Karate can and should be a fun and exhilarating journey of self improvement. The super benefit of Home Study is being able to progress at your own speed of learning and time allotment. Not everyone has a Dojo close to them and in fact we successfully Home Study

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The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Bo Staff

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So you want to master bo staff? Or, even just learn a few cool moves and basics – this is the Complete Beginner’s Guide to Bo Staff. You’ve found the right place to start. 1) Choosing the Right Bo Why are you training with the Bo? = what type of bo you need to use. Freestyle

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