Combat Strong


GMAU Combat Strong

Finally, functional fitness designed specifically for martial artists. Introducing GMAU Combat Strong, a custom built workout program that gets you in the best shape of your life, while increasing athletic performance directly related to your martial arts training.

The Workouts

Combat Strong workouts are body-weight driven, which means that they can be done anywhere, at anytime, without equipment. Our scientific approach has allowed us to create specific routines that target muscle groups, and particular athletic goals.

Each workout is roughly 30 minutes, with an emphasis on high intensity and short bursts of activity.

The Level System

Unlike most workout programs, which are redundant and don’t feel like you are really progressing towards any goals, Combat Strong is different. The program includes levels, which are denoted by a specific color, like going through martial arts belts. Before you can move on to the next level, you are required to complete and fitness test, and pass by a certain percentage. If so, you can level up, and take the workouts to the next level of intensity.

Benefits for Martial Artists

  • Agility – Certain Combat Strong exercises are designed to improve quickness and overall agility, which is beneficial while in the ring or on the mat.
  • Flexibility – Increase your range of motion with complementary stretches that will take your kicks higher than ever before.
  • Power – Many CS exercises emphasize the development of key muscle groups that will allow you to engage more force into your strikes.
  • Rotation – Rotation is the key to more power, and many of the Combat Strong exercises will loosen up your joints and develop key core muscles.
  • Explosiveness – Being able to explode from stillness to aggressiveness is a requirement for real life self defense, and CS will work on this trait for you.