How to Set Up the Best Home Dojo

Sometimes life happens and you can’t make it to the dojo. When that happens, you might find yourself wishing you had a dojo at home. Good news: due to the wide range of products available online, it’s easier than ever to set up your very own home dojo.

The Difference Between Black Belt at Home and Global Martial Arts University

There is oftentimes some confusion between our two websites, Black Belt at Home and the Global Martial Arts University. In this article, I will explain the main differences, so that you can choose the right course for you! Brief Video Explaining the Differences Black Belt at Home Purchase course materials. Purchase the core curriculum or

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Four Historic Bo Staff Battles

  For millennia, humans have been using long, blunt weapons to fight animals and competing tribes. Over time, these techniques became more martial in nature, and more refined for combat purposes. This was the birth of what is now known as bojutsu. In this article, I will chronicle four purported instances in which bo (staffs)

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The 3 Types of Martial Arts Students

I want to breach a subject that we all need to think about in our training and in all our life situations. This is about responsibility and accountability for the self. Basically there are three general types of individuals in our world. 3 Types of Individuals in Our World Type 1. Those who go through

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Nunchaku vs. Bo – Which Weapon Wins?

This weekend at Ultimate Bo Live (a global gathering of bojutsu practitioners), we had a training segment called “Nunchaku vs. Bo.” The purpose of the segment was to introduce the differences of the weapons, and proper way to defend or counter-attack one or the other. This was a lot of fun, and allowed the bojutsu

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How to Be a Legendary Martial Arts Instructor

Definition of Legendary Webster’s dictionary has two primary entries for the word legendary: 1  : of, relating to, or characteristic of legend or a legend 2 : well-known, famous Initially, I almost feel arrogant or facetious making a claim that I want to be a legendary martial arts instructor. I know that I am not

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15 Solo BJJ Drills Using a Chair as Your Partner

You live to roll, but what about when you are at home? On the days you don’t have class, you can still train solo. Solo BJJ drills will allow you to embed certain movements into your muscle memory, increase your range of motion, and reaction time. So that next time you have an actual partner

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Should I Learn Martial Arts Online or In-Person?

A decade ago, someone would have laughed at you for even asking this question. Luckily for you, the world of online martial arts via e-learning has made significant improvements since then. In this day and age, people are mastering the piano via online lessons, completing world-class culinary courses, and even earning legitimate master’s degrees in

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Common Questions from Shotokan Karate Beginners

Below is the transcript of a question and answer style interview, in which Sensei Jon and Sensei Michael answer the most common questions from shotokan beginners. Sensei Jon is a 6th dan black belt and head instructor of the Global Martial Arts University Shotokan Karate course. Sensei Michael is a 3rd dan black belt and instructor.

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How to Teach Your Kids Martial Arts at Home

As a child, did you have the awesome experience of going through the ranks, competing at tournaments, and learning from a wise Sensei (or Sifu)? When I was 7, I started to take karate classes, because I thought my dad looked like a real warrior when he trained. He was already a brown belt at

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  • I’m interested in your streaming service for the nunchuck instruction. If we choose the online streaming versus DVD, is there a time frame that that login is good for?

  • Hi, I purchased the Taichi course this week. It looks like the journal area & forums are no longer on this website. I’m interested in testing up through the levels & eventually becoming an instructor. Can I still do that via this website? Also, what are the Taichi instructor requirements & fee? Thanks! Jason

    • Hi Jason,

      Yes the website is not using the journal or forum now, however, we still offer the ability to take tai chi rank exams. Please read the included .pdf home Study manual, which explains how testing works. We would love to have you test with us and earn rank in tai chi. Once you pass the level for student rank exam you are than eligible to become a tai chi instructor by completing our private one on one distance training tai chi instructor program, or if you complete the Certified martial arts teacher course that is available on the global martial arts university website, you would be eligible to start teaching tai chi as well.

  • How can i access my journal?

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