• I’m interested in your streaming service for the nunchuck instruction. If we choose the online streaming versus DVD, is there a time frame that that login is good for?

  • Hi, I purchased the Taichi course this week. It looks like the journal area & forums are no longer on this website. I’m interested in testing up through the levels & eventually becoming an instructor. Can I still do that via this website? Also, what are the Taichi instructor requirements & fee? Thanks! Jason

    • Hi Jason,

      Yes the website is not using the journal or forum now, however, we still offer the ability to take tai chi rank exams. Please read the included .pdf home Study manual, which explains how testing works. We would love to have you test with us and earn rank in tai chi. Once you pass the level for student rank exam you are than eligible to become a tai chi instructor by completing our private one on one distance training tai chi instructor program, or if you complete the Certified martial arts teacher course that is available on the global martial arts university website, you would be eligible to start teaching tai chi as well.

  • How can i access my journal?

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