How Complete Shotokan Students Transfer to the New GMAU Shotokan Program

jon shuto blogHow Complete Shotokan Students Transfer to the New GMAU Shotokan Program

Many years ago we made the first copy of Complete Shotokan Karate to support the students in our dojo. The first version of the program as a supplemental study program. As you moved through our program you were able to get a supplement for the belt level you were studying. The Second generation of the program was made and sold as Ultimate Karate home study a few years back. Then I made a third version of the program with update equipment and material.

I guess about 1 ½ ago Sensei Michael and I decided to dedicate ourself in making all of our programs the very best they can be. We purchased all new state of the art equipment and have been in the process of making the best products that we can.

When we decided to create the GMAU we looked at all the alternative that we have in making our programs the best they can be. As the resident Master Instructor of the Karate program I had two choices available. One was to re-shoot the Complete Shotokan program a fourth time or transition the system into a more exciting program with deeper spiritual and martial technology behind it.

The new GMAU program is based in pure Shotokan techniques, kata and kumite. In this program I am able to bring the hidden secrets of the Japanese spiritual power that they don’t or won’t tell you. The GMAU is the total package when it comes to bringing all mind, body, spirit and emotional aspects into play through your karate-do.

So the time is here and we are about to open the GMAU. For those of you who are wanting to transition from the Complete Shotokan system to the new GMAU Shotokan we have the following options

1. You can transfer into the new program retaining the same rank as you currently have. This transition will be based on what KYU you are working in. So if you are a 7th KYU Green Stripe you would transfer into the new system as a 7th KYU Orange Belt in the new program. So you would be testing for 6th Kyu Green Belt in the new system. Now there are some differences between the two systems considering techniques and kata. The new system is traditional Japanese Shotokan and some of the techniques, stances and kata are a bit different. Some of the training methodology is different between the programs and you will have to adjust to a more formal way of training. So you will have to study and train in all the levels below where you are at to make sure that you know any kata of techniques that are different between the two programs. In order to advance to black belt you will have to master all the material. Once you have mastered the material below and where you are at in Kyu, you can test for the next Kyu.

Old Program __________ KYU __________ New Program
White  10
Yellow  9  White
Green  8  Yellow
Green Stripe 7 Orange
Blue  6  Green
Blue Strip 5 Blue
Brown 4  Purple
Brown Stripe 3 Brown
Red 2  Brown
Red 1  Brown
Black  Black

2. You can transfer into the GMAU and stay in the old program testing and moving forward in rank. You can use the classes and material as a supplement to your training. If at any time you wish to transfer over to the new system completely you can.

3. You can stay just like you are in the current Complete Shotokan program and be fully supported.

If you transfer into the new system and you are not happy and want to go back to the old system you may do so. You money placed to enter the new program will refunded.

We excited and very pleased with the new material for the GMAU Shotokan program. Whichever way you train we will continue to support your training. Please let me know if you have any question regarding the new system.

Jon Hodge, 6th Dan – Shihan Shotokan Karate