Total Krav Maga: Advanced to Black Belt

Total Krav Maga

Advanced to Black Belt

Advanced to Black Belt 5 DVD Set

Total Krav Maga: Advanced to Black Belt takes you through the advanced to black belt levels of this brutally effective style. In this volume, you will learn advanced combatives, self defense techniques, control maneuvers, knife defenses, hand gun, long gun, groundfighting, takedowns, and sweeps. Techniques include home-practice drills, step-by-step instruction, follow along practice sections, and multiple camera angles. This set teaches all rank requirements for Levels 4, 5, and 6 – for students participating in our distance training course.

DVD 1 - Combatives, Self Defense Techniques, & Control Maneuvers

Learn brutally straightforward combatives and defenses with detailed instruction, application ideas, explanations, and step by step direction. On this DVD:

  • Brutal and straightforward advanced combatives for a variety of scenarios
  • Advanced self defense techniques such as rear naked choke, wall chokes, and more
  • Each technique taught slow motion, angles, full explanation, application, and a home practice drill
  • Control and restraint maneuvers for situations which require directive force

DVD 2 - ADVANCED KRAV MAGA - Groundfighting & Takedowns

A complete overview of the most common groundfighting attacks, with advanced escapes and defenses. On this DVD, you will learn:

  • 14 Ground defense scenarios (chokes, escapes, and positions)
  • Submissions and other offensive maneuvers in groundfighting
  • How to sweep your attacker, from ground positions or standing
  • Plus – Home practice drills to develop core strength and a better ground game


This volume reviews hand gun and long gun attack scenarios with detailed explanations. On this DVD, you will learn:

  • 7 Hand Gun reality scenarios and disarm maneuvers
  • 4 Long Gun defenses: taught with angles, step by step, and follow along
  • Two bonus techniques (expert level) and two home practice drills

DVD 4 - ADVANCED KRAV MAGA - Knife Defenses

Knife attacks are covered in this volume, with safety tips, practical movements, disarms, and follow along sections. You will learn:

  • Introduction, safety tips, and knife training methodology
  • 7 Advanced to Black Belt level Knife defenses, and disarms
  • Two bonus techniques (rope to throat and knife in ground scenario)

DVD 5 - Complete Classes for Home Training

Time to actually put in repetitions and build your muscle-memory by taking some actual Krav classes at home!

  • Four complete, advanced classes for home study students
  • Each class includes: warm up, 4 training drills, and a “skill game”
  • Like taking a real Krav class in your house, on your own schedule

About the Instructor

Michael South

Michael South is a black belt Krav Maga instructor and has been a student of the martial arts for over ten years. He also holds black belts in Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido. He began teaching martial arts professionally six years ago and is the founder of National Martial Arts, an Oklahoma-based martial arts organization dedicated to making the world a better and safer place. He specializes in Krav Maga instruction and is an avid student of BJJ at the moment, as well as a competitor.

Total Krav Maga Advanced to Black Belt

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  • All Level 4-6 Material


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Total Krav Maga Advanced to Black Belt

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Total Krava Maga: Advanced to Black Belt
Average rating:  
 2 reviews
 by Medici
Highly Recommended!

These DVD's are awesome! The DVD's illustrate the techniques at full speed, then break them down slowly and at different angles...making it easy to really grasp the concepts.

 by Jeff
These are good DVDs. They show you the move from multiple...

These are good DVDs. They show you the move from multiple angles, then break it down, then invite you to go step by step. I haven't broken into the Ground portion yet. I have a background in JJ, BUT the Krav Maga will show you the reality of the ground fight. Do you know if the guy has a knife? Do you know if he has a gun? Good things to know if you are going to the ground with some punk. As far as Krav goes, these are worth the money. I would encourage you to also study Systema, Kali, and or Escrima. They can all be easily linked together. Worth the money indeed. I used to train in KM but its been a few years. These DVDs are bringing me back. Get em