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    I had a left handed student ask me today – if they should use the right power stance/right dominant self protection stance (when you have your left leg in front, and right leg back, giving your right hand more power), while training. Here was my response:

    As a left-dominant practitioner, you should begin your training in the southpaw stance (right leg forward). Training both stances equally is actually the overall best choice, as you want to become very balanced in your ability to defend and counter attack. But, in the beginning, I would stick more closely to the southpaw stance. There is no sense in “fighting your nature” as you are just now learning the muscle-memory combatives and defenses; if anything, recognizing your strengths will be more beneficial than blindly down-playing them in an attempt to fall in line with what is projected as “orthodox” and correct. After a period of time (perhaps 1-2 months), you can start working both sides of your body equally.

    There is nothing wrong with having a dominant/power side, this is a natural occurrence in our bodies. But, one interesting benefit of martial arts training (which is usually not discussed), is its ability to help you become more ambidextrous. As you practice and train the opposite side of your body, you are re-calibrating brain functions/muscle responses to the stimuli in a way that daily life does not do. By balancing both sides of your body, you will begin to surprise yourself when performing menial tasks like cleaning, fixing a car, construction, and other handiwork – as you have a better command of your limbs.

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