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    Jon Hodge

    Let us start by explaining the simple concept of Yin and Yang. Yin is the internalization of energy and Yang is the externalizing of energy. So in a martial arts technique there is a Yin part of the technique and a Yang part of a technique. In the white to yellow belt level we have the technique called fore punch. The fore punch has a Yin preparing to strike and then a Yang action that delivers the strike.

    So here is the thing to remember, Yin is the in-breath and Yang is the out-breath. So we inhale during preparation to strike and exhale during the strike. It is the same on all the techniques, preparation(inhale) and execution(exhale). Yin and Yang breathing promotes increased power and endurance in your Karate-Do….

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    I found this tid bit very interesting and plan to add the concept to my routines

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