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“I bought the course for my son and myself for Christmas. I was pretty excited so I cracked it open a couple weeks before Christmas. I popped the tapes in and started my lessons with a wood curtain rod in my garage. I really enjoy the physical challenge as well as the zen feeling I got when I am working with the staff and your course. I was enjoying the course so much I decided to purchase a few staffs for myself my son and my daughter. I have been a physical education teacher for fourteen years and I quickly realized that your course would be great for my entire family. I am a huge believer that physical fitness is imperative in holistic well being. My initial intention was to learn a few spins with the staff and have some fun with my son. Your course has inspired me in many ways. It has been a catalyst in striving for better overall fitness in my life. I have also decided to go for a black belt rank in the staff and possibly explore other martial arts such as Krav Maga.

I want to thank you for the hard work you put into your courses. It is evident that you have the true heart of a teacher. I would highly recommend your courses to anyone who would like to study martial arts. Thanks for your kind words and inspiration. I am looking forward to my journey to a black belt ranking.”

– Tim Spinosa, Ultimate Bo student

“Black Belt At Home” is the perfect tool for anyone with a love of the martial arts and a busy schedule. After 27 years away from the martial arts, this program has given me the opportunity to study in a meaningful way once again. Kudos to Sensei Michael & Jon Hodge on the creation of this innovative and effective new way to train. Thanks again!                                              -Sean Doney, Shotokan student – Ontario, Canada

“For a home study course on Shotokan Karate, you can’t go wrong with this dvd set. Sensi Jon Hodge takes you step by step through all belt levels – forms, techniques (punches, blocks, kicks), sparring and self defence moves. Mr. Hodge is thorough, giving great detail to all aspects of what he is teaching. Also, if you have any questions, contact him by email and you will receive a quick and courteous response. Highly recommended!”

-Byron Howard, Shotokan student

I am a retired Deputy Sheriff and very familiar with self defense techniques! I honestly have to say, in my opinion that the Ultimate Krav Maga Home Study dvd’s are the best out there! The techniques are shown from various angles with clear explanations for each one. They are presented in an easy to understand format. Anyone can do them. My 13yr old daughter and 9yr old son follow the program along with me! If you are looking for a no nonsense, straight to the point, self defense system, that thoroughly explains all techniques from various camera angles, this is the program to choose. One major bonus is, you can practice in the privacy of your own home with your family. Remember, “A Family That Kicks Together, Sticks Together” Best Wishes!!!”

-Jimmy, Krav Maga student

“I bought the DVD set awhile back and I can say it was really helpful and informative! I’m a US Marine and on my down time, I practice with a few of the guys. Sensei hodge is really descriptive and performs each technique in both normal and slow speeds so your mind can really grasp the concepts. For each technique, he explains the uses and different ways you can practice it before moving on to another technique so it gives you time to fully grasp each move at your own pace. The best part is that not only are you learning the execution of the deadly fighting force of Krav Maga, but you can actually earn rank in the style straight from Sensei Hodge himself. I would highly recommend this DVD set to anyone who wants to practice this style!”

-Lance Corporal Stephen Diaz, USMC, Krav Maga student

“Sensei Hodge provides detailed instruction from multiple angles. My e-mails have all been answered quickly. The picture quality and production work of these DVD’s is first rate. Working rotating shifts has always made attending a brick and mortar dojo difficult so this course lets me practice as I have the time. The forms require about a 10 x 10 foot area more or less. You can earn belts up to black via video testing with each test costing a typical fee. Blcak belt can be achieved at the time I’m writing this for a total commitment of less than $600. Spread that out over a few years and it really is affordable for everyone, especially if you don’t have a dojo nearby. The nearest Shotokan instruction for me is over 200 miles away. Now I have a 5th degree black belt Sensei right in my own home. I highly recommend this home study course.”

-Richard Tabaka, Shotokan student

dr_ken_photo“I have been wanting to learn Tai Chi for sometime, but haven’t had a chance to take a traditional class. The Complete Tai Chi for Beginners course, by Ultimate Training, is an excellent way to learn Tai Chi in the comfort of your own home (and at a time that fits your schedule). I am familiar with Jon and Michael Hodge, and their Ultimate Training DVDs, since I have their Shotokan Karate training course. All of their courses are first class, comprehensive, and easy to understand.

The Complete Tai Chi course, in 4 DVDs, has been produced in an easy to follow format. Each DVD has 4 sections: Introduction, Warm Up, Elements, and the Form. The Introduction tells you what’s coming. The Warm Up gets you ready with simple exercises. In the Elements section Jon Hodge explains each of the Tai Chi Elements needed for the final section. In the Form section all of the elements are put together into a flowing Tai Chi Form (a kind of martial arts ballet).

I am only on DVD number 2, but I have learned so much. At the end of my “workout” I feel relaxed and satisfied. I can’t wait to go through DVD 3 and 4. The breathing exercises along with the Tai Chi movements seem to melt away my stress. Tai Chi is an excellent way to get much needed exercise in a low impact form. Tai Chi is recognized by the medical community as an adjunct treatment for various health problems. The Harvard Health Publications wrote: ” Tai Chi is often described as “meditation in motion,” but it might well be called “medication in motion.” There is growing evidence that this mind-body practice, which originated in China as a martial art, has value in treating or preventing many health problems.”

If you have been wanting to learn Tai Chi now is the time. Jon Hodge does an excellent job of explaining, demonstrating, and teaching Tai Chi. Each movement is shown from different positions for an easy to follow along demonstration. Grab this DVD set. You won’t be disappointed! While you’re at it check out their other courses: Complete Shotokan Karate, Ultimate Bo, and Krav Maga.”

I highly recommend the Complete Tai Chi for Beginners DVD set.  -Dr. Ken Williams, Texas, Tai Chi Student

kirsch“The addition of the Ultimate Bo Program to our existing martial arts curriculum, has not only increased participation, but has given each student the knowledge and skillset in becoming a well rounded martial artist.  Adults and teenagers have found Ultimate Bo exciting and fun to learn.”

-Jeff Kirsch, 4th Dan, Ultimate Bo Instructor


millman“Your programs are AWESOME.  I have been using the chuks program with my students – they just placed 1st through 3rd at a tournament. They love it!  THANK YOU for everything, YOU’RE OUTSTANDING ”

-George Millman, 5th Dan, Rochester, NY



“Ultimate BO is a wonderful experience when it comes to hard work. Work as hard or as sporadically as you want. Sensei Hodge is a very skilled instructor, he has a way of making you feel as though you are his only Pupil. When it comes to training, your instructor is in the DVD. You can fast forward, rewind, pause. Try that in a DoJo and see if the instructor will go for it. I doubt it especially when it comes to slow motion. Sensei Hodge does not mind, try him.
The exercise I get is great. I am 50 something & need a little extra motivation. Ultimate BO has made me stretch and exercise. Because I want to advance in my overall health, I made the right choice.
There are many Martial Arts courses being offered over the Internet now. Distance Training from Sensei Hodge is the first of its kind. Go with proven leadership. Onward & Upward.

-Chris Gardner, Ultimate Bo student

“This program is even simpler than I expected.  All you have to do is pick your theme…like Aikido…watch and learn from the complete video curriculum, hand out student curriculum, then look at your class plan.. teach to your students according to the plan.  My students absolutely LOVE learning a new martial arts style every three monthsthey are so excited for class every time now…thank you Hodgyma.”

-Tim Craig, 4th Dan, Kaufman, TX

“We run both Ultimate Chuks and Ultimate Bo in our school.  We call it the ‘Ultimate Weapons Class’ and only Black Belt Club and Masters Club members can attend. Its kinda crazy…almost every week our attendance is higher than our regular martial arts class.  Our students just can’t get enough of the freestyle/sparring bo and chuks curriculums.  I can honestly say this is our most successful program.”

-Sam Creamer, 1st Dan, Seagoville, TX

“I hold the rank of third Dan in Tang Soo Do and I have had experience in Oyama Japanese karate, Tae Kwon Do, Judo, Wrestling, and Golden Gloves boxing. I am now doing Tai Chi and Kung fu. The DVD’s were very well put together. The instructor did an excellent job of demonstrating the basic techniques and forms. This provided a solid base for more advance techniques. The elements should remain broken down so as not to overload the student. Also, you cannot over-emphasize the importance of repetition. I think the importance of the basic movements should be stressed especially when teaching self-defense. After all, some of the movements such as flying kicks are simply for show. They should never be used in a fight. Students must understand this. I am glad you made it possible to obtain a black belt, as I wrote earlier asking if I could obtain mine, especially with my past experience. If I begin teaching, I would not hesitate to use the DVD set to walk the student through the process. This would allow me to help correct the form while someone else is demonstrating. Also, if someone ever expressed a desire to study Karate, but lacked the time or funds, I would be glad to refer them to the DVD set.”

-Taylor Brasher, 3rd Dan Tand Soo Do

“I have over 100 self defense and martial arts DVDs. Of all the DVDs that I have, I feel that Michael Hodge’s teaching program is the best, because he goes slowly, and demonstrates the moves in different directions. But, what I like the most about Micahael is that he comes across as a friendly person. He has a humble spirit, and is a natural teacher. I enjoy learning and watching Michael teach on his DVD’s. Other instructors on various other DVD’s that I have come across as arrogant, or in some cases as kind of scary. But, Michael is friendly, likeable, and has a teacher’s heart for helping others.

-John Axsom

“First I congratulate you for your techniques and your skills are in a high level of performing. Also your web site is very helpful for people who want to learn martial arts especially with weapons like bo, sai, kama and nunchacku.”

-Salvko Majkic, Katana Team Slovenija

This is an excellent set of 8 DVD’s, very well explained and instructed, we were walked through the steps very easily. My boyfriend also bought a set so we have a set at both our places. I also bought the 4 DVD’s of Ultimate BO, I felt they were both very well demonstrated. We have decided we will by all our DVD’s at one place, others we had purchased just do not do any good for us. These are the ultimate in our collection.

-Linda Wesley

Very nicely done. I have since ordered the bo training. Great job, Mike keep up the informative training for us.

-Larry Austad

This program is the best I have ever seen over nunchakus.  This first volume demonstrates the basics to the single nuchaku very clearly and teaches three great forms. The instructor, Sensei Hodge, does an excellent job translating his great techniques into a learnable format for us beginners. I can’t wait to test for my next chevron level!


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