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Listed you will find most of information and links to training aids for your program. We are striving to improve your training experience. If you have any questions or suggestions for items you think would benefit everyone’s training, please email us.  You can now access your Online Student Journal, by clicking “My Journal” on the main navigation menu.

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You can read our testing guidelines, submit your test, and pay the exam fee on the Testing page.

How to Access the Streaming Video Version of Your Course

When you purchased your streaming edition course, you received an email receipt from “Gumroad.” Open this email, and click the green “View Product” button. If you do not see this button, make sure and “allow images” or “download images in this email.” This allows you to then watch any of the lessons and read/download the home study manual. You can easily access your streaming course at any time via this email. Or, you can download the Gumroad app for iphone/ipad or android, and easily add your course to the app.

Complete Shotokan Karate


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Ultimate Bo


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