FAQ for Prospective Students

How does the streaming video edition work?

Click here to learn about our Streaming Video Edition. You can instantly watch the entire course in your web browser on any computer or mobile device, immediately after purchase. Or, you can watch in the “gumroad” app. You can also download videos for offline viewing.

I would like more information about one of your courses:

You can find answers to your questions on the Total Krav Maga info page, Shotokan Karate info page, Ultimate Bo info page, Ultimate Chuks info page, and Complete Tai Chi info page.

What region are the DVDs, can I play them internationally?

Our DVDs are region free! You can play them in any DVD player worldwide. We have students in over 40 countries using our programs, in all continents! (except Antarctica)

How do you take the rank exam?

We have a video testing process. Once you know the rank requirements, you film yourself demonstrating all techniques. Upload and submit your video to your grading instructor. Your instructor will then do a detailed grading, as well as film himself doing a personal feedback video for your own learning and improvement.

Do you have to pay a fee for each rank exam?

Yes, there is a for each rank exam. This covers the time and energy spent by your instructor in grading your exam, the actual certificate of rank/patch, and mailing of this to your address. You can see the fees on the Testing page.

How soon will my order ship?

Orders placed before 3 p.m. central are generally shipped the same day.  While those placed after 3 p.m. central ship the next business day.  Orders placed on Saturday and Sunday are shipped Monday morning.

What countries do you ship to?

We ship to all countries in the world. There is a simple $10 USD flat rate per order for any purchase.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

All orders are shipped with the United States Postal Service through either First Class or Priority Mail.  Orders shipped through First Class take between 3-5 business days to arrive; those shipped with Priority Mail take 2-3 business days. International shipments are variable, can take anywhere from 1-4 weeks in some cases.

My order has never arrived.

In some rare cases, either you could have accidentally supplied us with the wrong information, we could have made a mistake when shipping, or the U.S.P.S failed to properly ship the order.  Contact us, and we will resolve the problem; and make a new shipment if necessary.

How do I return or get a replacement?

If you receive a damage, defective, or wrong item – go to our contact page, and fill out the form to arrange for an exchange.  We can only accept the return of faulty, defective, or wrongly shipped items.  You must return this product; upon its arrival to our facility, we will ship you a brand new product at no charge.

Do you accept money orders? Can I pay by check?

Yes. There is a $5 processing fee added to your total if paying by money order or check, due to the extra time and energy we expend to process the order. Contact us to get the mailing address and payment information to place your order.

FAQ for Current Students

How do I access the streaming edition of my course?

When you purchased your streaming edition course, you received an email receipt from “Gumroad.” Open this email, and click the green “View Product” button. If you do not see this button, make sure and “allow images” or “download images in this email.” This allows you to then watch any of the lessons and read/download the home study manual. You can easily access your streaming course at any time via this email. Or, you can download the Gumroad app for iphone/ipad or android, and easily add your course to the app.

Why is there not a student journal for the Ultimate Bo, Ultimate Chuks, or Tai Chi program?

We do not currently require that students of these courses maintain a student journal. This online student journal is only a requirement for the Shotokan and Krav Maga programs.

How do I ask my grading instructor a question?

We recommend that you post the question to the student forum. Your instructor will respond directly to it, and this will also benefit all of the other students that are enrolled. Or, you can send a direct email to your instructor. Please use the contact us page, and state the instructor’s name at the beginning of the email.